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Balloon flights French Alps – an up, up and away day

“Out of this world”, is the perfect description of hot air ballooning. If you are looking for an unusual gift for a special occasion or just want a breathtaking day out, take to the skies for a spectacular balloon trip.                                                       (Photo: Ricardo Hurtubia) Colourful balloons capture our imagination from an early age, where would a children’s party be without them? While Europe was still in the Dark Ages the Chinese invented the first recorded unmanned hot air balloon, but

Paragliding in France – Gravity, who needs it?

Paragliding in France – Gravity, who needs it? Gravity is greatly overrated. Unless you are film star Sandra Bullock and stand to make a lot of money floating around in your undies, gravity can be a tiresome force. Well, it does keeps our feet on the ground but who has not dreamed of being able to fly? What a wonderful sensation to feel the rush of air on the face, free as a bird, floating effortlessly above the earth, catching

Things To Do In The Alps In Summer

The Alps are not only one of the popular winter holiday destinations for skiers, free-stylers and winter sports lovers, but also provide a wide variety of summer outdoor activities for hikers and mountaineers. Coming to the Alps in summer you will make your holiday a unique experience and create wonderful memories that will last forever. Dramatic Alpine scenery and breathtaking landscapes, fresh air, crystal clear lakes and bright-blue sky will help you get the most from your vacation. So, what

Top Pick Ski Resorts Near Salzburg Airport


Austria has a global reputation for some of the most heavenly scenery, wonderful skiing and other-worldly service standards. There are just so many ski resorts dotted around Austria that it would for the average person be impossible to try them all out in a lifetime. Nevertheless, with a few expert tips and the services of Alps2Alps airport transfers, it’s more than possible to try out a few of the best even in the course of the same season. So if