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Checklist Of Things You Will Need On A Ski Holiday


Before packing your travel backs for skiing holiday, you should think carefully and make a list of things you can’t absolutely do without high in the mountains. In this article we’d like to share some tips on what equipment and clothes you will definitely need to get ready to hit the slopes. Taking the following items with you, you will feel comfortable, warm and safe on the snow. Ski Helmet A good ski helmet is the most important part of

TOP 3 Beginner-Friendly Ski Resorts in the Alps


New to the slopes, but want to discover the joy of skiing? There are plenty of Alpine ski resorts that are ideal for less experienced skiers and snowboarders. Take a look at our selection of beginner ski resorts that will help you to feel comfortable and have the best possible experience on the snow. Les 3 Vallées (France) In fact, The Three Valleys (Les 3 Vallées) is a huge ski terrain giving home to eight world-known Alpine ski resorts. When

Top 3 Ski Resorts For Advanced Skiers


If you consider yourself as a strong and advanced skier, then you should definitely try your skills at one of the following Alpine ski resorts, offering challenging ski routes to bump up your adrenaline! Chamonix (France) Chamonix is one of the world’s finest and oldest resorts, great skiing hotspot, situated in the French Alps close to the borders of Switzerland and Italy, offering a multitude of  enjoyable slopes for all levels – long slopes, skiing through the trees, freeride and

Early Ski Season Is Just Around The Corner


There are just days to go before main Alpine ski resorts officially start new season to welcome skiers and snowboarders from all over the world to enjoy their great winter holidays to the full. If you can’t wait to hit the slopes and are monitoring snow reports to start packing your travel bags, this article will reveal best resorts to head to in order to ensure a snowy November. Skiing for early birds Can’t wait for the season to start

Balloon flights French Alps – an up, up and away day


“Out of this world”, is the perfect description of hot air ballooning. If you are looking for an unusual gift for a special occasion or just want a breathtaking day out, take to the skies for a spectacular balloon trip.                                                       (Photo: Ricardo Hurtubia) Colourful balloons capture our imagination from an early age, where would a children’s party be without them? While Europe was still in the Dark Ages the Chinese invented the first recorded unmanned hot air balloon, but

Paragliding in France – Gravity, who needs it?


Paragliding in France – Gravity, who needs it? Gravity is greatly overrated. Unless you are film star Sandra Bullock and stand to make a lot of money floating around in your undies, gravity can be a tiresome force. Well, it does keeps our feet on the ground but who has not dreamed of being able to fly? What a wonderful sensation to feel the rush of air on the face, free as a bird, floating effortlessly above the earth, catching

Things To Do In The Alps In Summer

The Alps are not only one of the popular winter holiday destinations for skiers, free-stylers and winter sports lovers, but also provide a wide variety of summer outdoor activities for hikers and mountaineers. Coming to the Alps in summer you will make your holiday a unique experience and create wonderful memories that will last forever. Dramatic Alpine scenery and breathtaking landscapes, fresh air, crystal clear lakes and bright-blue sky will help you get the most from your vacation. So, what

Top Pick Ski Resorts Near Salzburg Airport


Austria has a global reputation for some of the most heavenly scenery, wonderful skiing and other-worldly service standards. There are just so many ski resorts dotted around Austria that it would for the average person be impossible to try them all out in a lifetime. Nevertheless, with a few expert tips and the services of Alps2Alps airport transfers, it’s more than possible to try out a few of the best even in the course of the same season. So if

Airline Ski Fees – How Not to Get Stung This Winter

Skiis-Alps2Alps-Blog-2 (2)

Something that never fails to take ski holiday newbies by surprise is just how much it can cost you to get your skis where you’re headed in the first place. It sounds absurd, but play your cards wrong and the price of transporting your gear can be higher than that of your flights and your Grenoble transfers combined…literally! So the best advice is to never, under any circumstances take things for granted and make assumptions. Instead, look carefully at the

Best Resort for Early Season Skiing in the Alps

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Ask any regular visitor to the Alps about the time of year to go and chances are most would advise you not to bother booking those Geneva airport transfers until after Christmas. However, there are a few notable exceptions that promise truly epic ski opportunities much earlier on in the season, so if you’re already chomping at the bit and can’t bear to wait much longer, here are a few of the best choices for early season Alpine skiing: Val