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Términos y Condiciones


1.1. Amitours Group of Companies – Amitours London Ltd, 6 Gainsborough Road, E111HT London

1.2. Program - My Amitours loyalty program created and maintained by Amitours Group of Companies.

1.3. My Amitours money – units which can be collected for purchasing services from the Amitours Group of Companies.

1.4. Terms – the terms governing the Program rules and procedures that are binding on the program Members and Partners. The definitions that are not included in the Terms shall be interpreted in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

1.5. Program Application – an application created by Amitours Group of Companies, located at the website, designed for the Program members to create their online profiles and to use their account information.

1.6. My Amitours Member or Member - a person who is enrolled in the Program or who is enrolled in the Program by its legal representative and who has agreed to these Terms and who has been approved for participation in the Program by Amitours Group of Companies.

1.7. My Amitours Account or Account - an account opened for My Amitours Member, based on the Member’s personal data submitted voluntarily, for the monitoring of booked services, registration of My Amitours money collected and/or spent by the Member. The My Amitours account is available on the Member’s online profile at

1.8. Membership Number – unique Member identification number which is linked to the Account.

1.9. Application Form – an online application form filled out at


2.1. Name, surname – the name and surname indicated in the application must match the data of identity documents (passport, driving license, ID card).

2.2. Age – any natural person who has reached the age of 18 can become a My Amitours member. Persons who are not legally accountable according to their country of citizenship are represented in the Program by their parents, legal guardians, trustees or any other person who is legally entitled to represent the Person.

2.3. Address – the address indicated by the Member on the Application Form.


3.1. Only individuals or legal persons who have filled out the Application Form can become Members.

3.2. By applying and using the Program benefits, the Member agrees to these Terms and any future amendments thereof. The current version of the Terms is available on the Amitours Group of Companies website

3.3. Program Application can be submitted and membership approval can be received only once.

3.4. Amitours Group of Companies is entitled to reject any Program application without specifying the reason.


4.1. As proof that the Member has been assigned a My Amitours account and that he or she is entitled to collect My Amitours money, the Member shall be granted a membership Account. The Member is limited to a single My Amitours Account unless specifically stated otherwise in these Terms.

4.2. If a Member holds more than one My Amitours Account, Amitours Group of Companies reserves the right to close all Accounts that contain no My Amitours money without prior notice.

4.3. If a Member has several Accounts which have been awarded with My Amitours money, the My Amitours money shall be transferred to the Account specified by the Member which will become the Member’s permanent Account.

4.4. The Account is attached to a unique e-mail address specified by the Member, which can be registered in the Program Application with a single Account only.

4.5. The My Amitours money collected can be checked in the website by using the Member’s internet profile information (by entering the e-mail address and the password used in the My Amitours registration). If the Member detects any errors in the account statement, he or she shall inform My Amitours Member Service (Phone nr. (FR) +33(0)970403115) or e-mail within one month from the date of purchase, unless agreed upon otherwise. After this period it will be deemed that the Member has approved the existing Account balance and the data shall not be corrected.


5.1. In order to collect My Amitours money when using or purchasing eligible services, the Member must present his or her My Amitours membership number. If My Amitours money are not automatically credited to the Member’s account, the Member may claim the missing My Amitours money by using his or her online profile or by contacting the My Amitours Member Service. If the Membership number is not presented, no privileges will be applied.

5.2. No My Amitours money will be awarded for such services for which the supporting documents (transfer vouchers etc.) indicate:

  • 5.2.1. That the service has not been used;
  • 5.2.2. That their value has been reimbursed or compensated in cash;
  • 5.2.3. That their validity term has expired;
  • 5.2.4. That they have been obtained illegally.

5.3. When using the services or privileges of another loyalty program, discounts, promotions the Member will not be awarded with My Amitours money, unless agreed upon otherwise.

5.4. All announcements on other ways to collect My Amitours money that are not mentioned in these Terms shall be published separately in the My Amitours informative materials.


6.1. The My Amitours money collected can be spent for purchasing services any time.

6.2. The Program offers spending the collected My Amitours money at the landing page by making a purchase, the Member confirms that he or she has read the Terms of the page beforehand and has no objections against them.

6.3. After purchasing services, supporting documents (purchase confirmations) will be sent to the e-mail address specified by the Member. The documents will be prepared electronically. Information about the return policy and the price for services is available in various My Amitours informative materials. Any questions regarding this topic can also be addressed to the My Amitours Member Service.

6.5. If the Member wishes to return the product obtained in exchange for the collected My Amitours money and is able to present the supporting documents, he or she shall be returned the value of the product stated in the supporting documents only. The collected My Amitours money are not deleted but are credited back to the Member’s Account.

6.6. The member can use My Amitours money to pay 25% of the cost of the service, unless otherwise agreed. All customers who canceled reservations but whose payments were fully transferred to MAM can use My Amitours money to pay up to 100% of the price within one year from the date of canceled reservation. Please note that My Amitours money cannot be combined with promotional code discounts. If you use promotional codes to get discounts, it is not possible to pay for your order with MAM.

6.7. My Amitours money cannot be returned to cash for any reason. It can only be spent to pay for services on the Alps2Alps website.


7.1. My Amitours money is valid for 2 years, starting from the first day of accrual (the day when the service is purchased), unless agreed upon otherwise.


8.1. The Member is entitled to terminate the Program membership at any time by informing Amitours Group of Companies thereof in writing. In this case, the My Amitours money collected are not reimbursed or otherwise compensated and are not transferable.

8.2. Amitours group may terminate the Member’s participation in the Program, if the following is not prevented after receiving a prior warning:

  • 8.2.1. Inaccurate personal data; or
  • 8.2.2. Damage to Amitours Group of Companies and/or their employees or other Members of the Program arising due to the Member’s actions or lack thereof.

8.3. In the aforementioned cases, Amitours Group of Companies reserves the right to freeze the Member’s account.

8.4. Until the termination of the Program membership, these Terms remain valid as the Member’s membership terms.

8.5. Amitours Group of Companies reserves the right to cancel the Program at any time or replace it with another program.


9.2. Amitours Group of Companies reserves the right and the Member agrees that the personal data provided by the Member and the information on purchases registered in the system shall be used for the following purposes:

  • 9.2.1. To identify the Member;
  • 9.2.2. To create Program statistics;
  • 9.2.3. To inform the Member of the Program activities, offers and news to the extent allowed by the Member;
  • 9.2.4. To inform the Member about their My Amitours account balance.
  • 9.2.5. To inform the Member of third party offers to the extent allowed by the Member when registering in the Program or as otherwise agreed with the Member.


Amitours Group of Companies is acting in good faith and reserves the right to amend or supplement these Terms, the services, the amount of the services or the My procedures set Amitours out in any other program documents, whenever such changes are deemed necessary. Such changes and additions will be deemed as approved, if the Member continues to participate in the Program or if no written objections have been submitted within one month from publishing the Terms. If the Member does not agree to the changes in the Program, he or she can cancel their membership in accordance with Article 10 of these Terms.

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