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Zurich Airport to Davos Transfers

Planning to organize your ski holiday in the Alps at the peak of ski season?

In this case Alps2Alps transfer services is a perfect choice.

Transfers from Zurich to Davos will not present any inconvenience for you, if you choose our transfer provider. Read the text below, so you could get to know some useful information about your future trip to the Alps. And ensure you can really trust us.


Transfers from Zurich to Davos

On average, transfer from Zurich to Davos will take around 2 hours 20 minutes, but, planning your trip, you should always take into account weather/snow conditions. Unfavourable forecast can really make longer your way to Davos. Moreover, you can probably encounter some unnecessary waiting on road, especially travelling at peak times. Alps2Alps team will do everything possible for your comfort and peace of mind on all duration of your transfer.

Anyway, we still recommend our clients go travelling in midweek days, when the road traffic is not much, so you could guarantee yourself more time on the slopes.


Route Details, Issues & Alternatives

There is the standard route, which goes from Zurich Airport to Davos. It passes on south across Zurich city, and then lead you along Zurichsee Lake. Continue drive to south-east, passing across Obstalden commune alongshore Walensee Lake. Going this way, you should turn left to A13/ Ragazerstrasse, following the road signs Landquart/Davos. Continue to drive in this direction by Davoserstrasse and, finally, by Bahnhofstrasse (road signs Tiefencastel/Davos) until you reach the ski resort.


What to Do En-Route

Going to Davos we can easy make a stop when needed. Just ask your driver about that, please, don’t hesitate. Maybe you just want to stretch your legs? And we will do a pause in our route for that.

There will be many supermarkets en-route to Davos, where you can pick up some ski holiday essentials and also a few snacks for your journey. You will find out that some products bought on the way to Davos are cheaper than at the ski resort itself.


What else to do En-Route?

During our trip you, sure, will make a lot of beautiful pictures of the magnificent mountain scenery. From key landmarks to the amazing Alpine landscapes, you may find something very special.

Just get your camera ready and start photo shooting!


Journey Altitude

Going to spend your vacation in the Alps, you should get to know that this trip through the mountains in quite high altitudes may cause you some potential diseases.

Headache, nausea and somnolence during the mountain trip – this is the symptoms of change in the air pressure.

Davos is the highest mountain city in Europe - 1560 meters above sea level. Of course, riding on steep, serpentine roads some people start feeling unwell. Notice that kids and elder people begin feeling sick more often than the adults.

What’s why don’t be shy to ask your driver to lower the temperature in the vehicle for feeling more comfortable, or to make a stop on the way.


Davos Ski Resort

Davos is one of the best mountain resorts in the world. It is located in a vast valley at an altitude of 1560m and is territorially divided into two parts - the western Davos Platz and the eastern Davos Doft. In the neighborhood there is another popular European ski resort Klosters, "sister" of the French Chamonix and American Aspen.

The quality of the slopes and accommodation options are quite high and can satisfy any guest. Davos is also known as a medical resort - several prestigious medical clinics open on it specialize in the treatment of respiratory diseases, allergic and skin diseases.

Learn more about Davos ski resort by this link.


Zurich Airport Transfers (ZRH)

Zurich Airport is located 13 km on north from the city centre, and is one of the filled airports in Central Europe.

At the busiest season you can find a huge number of ski travellers, flocking to spend their winter vacations in the snowy Alps. We are sure that you would not like to waste your precious time here, instead of going directly to the ski resort, right? So, don’t be lazy - make your transfer booking in advance to avoid that.

If you are flying with your own skis, you can find out how much the airlines flying into Zurich airport will charge you.

More information about your flight to Zurich Airport you can find by this link.


How Much Will Your Transfer From Zurich to Davos Cost?

Alps2Alps offers the best price transfer services to all popular ski destinations in the Alps. We use the most flexible approach in calculating our quotes. This approach means that we consider all the factors to reduce down to minimum possible level our basic transfer price for you. In list of these factors are such as:

  • Points of your departure and arrival

  • How many people are travelling with you

  • Day and date of your journey

  • All current discounts and shares

When we are calculating fares, we start from our basic rate and afterwards lower it depending on the factors above. It’s a very dynamic approach, which let us to avoid the price growing.

Such additional factors like vehicle availability, transfer schedule, tolls and parking fees can also impact the final price of your transfer.


Midweek Transfers

To stay in total peace of mind during your trip, to be at the ski resort on time and to avoid traffic on road, we highly recommend you to plan your future journey for midweek days. Moreover, that midweek transfer will let you save up to 60% of your costs. Really good idea, don’t you think so?

We can offer more discounts for transfers in off-season and off-peak days.


Book Your Zurich to Davos Transfer

Booking your transfer is a quite simple process, and it will not take you more than 5 minutes. All you need to do is to fill the on-line query form. You can also send email or give us a call for make your booking.

Our managers will confirm that very fast. If any ski resort or service you need are not available on our web site, please contact us. We will try to help you in your request.

Head over to our booking page to get a real-time quote within seconds.


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