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Milano Linate Airport to Argentiere Transfers

Transfers from Milano Linate Airport to Argentiere – Alps2Alps offer professional airport transfers you can count on! We know how to get you to your ski destination.

If skiing is your thing, and you’re planning your next holidays in Argentiere, you will find here everything you need to know about your journey from plane to the ski resort, and some reasons why our clients trust Alps2Alps to deliver a friendly transfer service.

Transfers from Milano Linate Airport to Argentiere

Usually, transfers from Milano Linate Airport to Argentiere will take around 3 hours though this may see significant changes depending on the date and time of your travel. Argentiere is located in the Chamonix Valley, which is one of the top ten ski resorts in the world. If travelling at peak times you can expect to encounter some difficulties and waiting.

At Alps2Alps we will always ensure that you have a smooth, pleasant and comfortable transfer.  We highly recommend travelling midweek to cut down on your journey time and guarantee more time on the slopes.


Route Details, Issues & Alternatives

The shortest route from Milano Linate Airport to Argentiere (265km) will take you via routes A4/E64 and E25. Take Aeroporto di Milano Linate to Viale Enrico Forlanini/SP14. Continue on Viale Enrico Forlanini/SP14. Take A51 (Milano). On A4/E64 and E25 move towards Route Blanche/D1506 (Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France). From N205 turn to the exit E25. Keep right, continuing the movement on E25; follow signs for A5/Ivrea/Aosta/T1/Monte Bianco/E27/T2/G. S. Bernardo. E25 smoothly turns left and goes to E25 /T1 (Francia). Take the left lane and take exit E25 to N205 towards A40 / Lyon / Annecy/Geneve/Albertville. Move towards D1506. If you know that weather or traffic may be bad, simply add extra time for the journey. Always ask the driver about the best possible route.


What to Do En-Route

Ask your driver for a shortstop (up to 10 minutes) -you can go outside, breathe in some fresh air or have a cup of tea. If you want to stop at any stage of the trip we will happily accommodate this. This will help you to make the airport transfer experience as smooth as possible.

There are various supermarkets en-route to Argentiere. If you will get hungry on your way to the ski resort, grab there some snacks for the journey. When it comes to buying food and travel essentials, it happens that products bought on the way to ski resort are cheaper than those found in the resort itself. Bear in mind, that all shop visits should be pre-booked with Customer Support prior to your arrival.

The village of Argentiere is nestled high up in the heart of the magnificent Chamonix Valley. You will enjoy stunning views during your airport transfer. Don’t forget to get your camera open and ready to shoot!


Journey Altitude

It’s important to know that your journey from Milano Linate Airport to Argentiere will take you to a very high altitude. This can cause its own potential complications. Altitude sickness is a pathological condition caused by going to high altitudes.

Milano Linate Airport sits at around 100m, while Argentiere sits at an altitude of 1,250m. Some passengers can experience minor discomfort during the trip, such as nausea, headaches and dizziness can be symptoms of the change in air pressure. Often young children are those who are feeling especially unwell.

When you combine such air pressure change with narrow steep serpentine roads, the journey can become difficult for some people. Please, ask your driver to lower the temperature in the vehicle to help you feel more comfortable.

It may not be the best feeling in the world if you are not feeling well, but the stunning mountain scenery of Argentiere can act as the perfect medicine for you.


Argentiere Ski Resort

Argentiere is located at the end of the Chamonix valley in the Haute Savoie, France. You will fall in love to this picturesque village with traditional architecture, 19th-century chapel and baroque church. Argentiere is nestled at the foot of the impressive Argentière Glacier and legendary peaks of Aiguille Verte.

The Ski Resort of Argentière is part of the Ski Pass Mont Blanc area with access to 952km of downhill skiing, with 507 individual pistes, served by 248 ski lifts. In addition to the skiing in Argentière itself (30km of pisted ski runs), the appropriate ski Lift Pass will allow you to ski or snowboard in the other Ski Pass Mont Blanc ski resorts of Chamonix, Passy Plaine Joux, Les Contamines, Combloux, Cordon, Le Tour, Les Houches, Megeve and St.Gervais Mont-Blanc.

Skiing in Argentiere means fabulous snow and great skiing in a fantastic location!

Find out more about Argentiere ski resort here.


Milan Linate Airport Transfers (LIN)

Milan Linate Airport is the third largest international airport in the area of Northern Italy. It can be very busy during peak ski season. We strongly advise you to pre-book your airport transfer to avoid any unnecessary stress.

Flying with your own skis? Find out how much the airlines flying into Milan Linate airport will charge you.

If you’re looking for information about your flight to Milan Linate Airport, find it here.

Find out more about Milan Linate Airport here.


Ski Depot: Alps2Alps Service to store your skis

Proper storage plays a very important role in keeping your ski and snowboard equipment in good condition for the next season. Alps2Alps Ski Depot service makes it very easy for you: simply leave here your ski or snowboard after your ski holidays.  Other ski services are also available: ski tuning & repair, snowboard base damage, wax etc. You just need to give your ski or snowboard equipment to the transfer driver and we will take care of the rest! The equipment will be dried and maintained for your next holidays. You can receive it back on your next trip to the Alps, in any airport wherever Alps2Alps operates.


How Much Will Your Transfer From Milano Linate Airport to Argentiere Cost?

At Alps2Alps, we aim to offer the best value transfers to all ski resorts in the Alps to each and every one of our customers. We like to take a transparent approach to our pricing structure. A number of factors should be taken into consideration when calculating our quotes. These factors include:

  • Your journey

  • The number of people travelling

  • The day and time you travel

  • Any discounts available

When we are calculating fares, we start with our standard price and then reduce this based on the factors mentioned above. This dynamic approach means we only ever decrease our prices – never increase them.

Pricing is also affected by vehicle availability, transfer schedule, vehicle utilisation and additional costs such as road tolls and parking charges.


Midweek Transfers

By travelling midweek you'll enjoy quieter roads, which means a quicker drive and will spend less time stuck in traffic. We strongly recommend travelling midweek. A midweek transfer can cut your costs by up to 60%. More discounts are available for the travelling off-season and off-peak.


Book Your Milano Linate Airport to Argentiere Transfer

Book your airport transfer now! That is very easy and totally stress-free. All you need to do is to complete our online booking form. Or you can contact us via e-mail or phone.

Our booking system is 100% secure. It takes less than 5 minutes and we’ll guarantee your booking immediately. If your chosen service or destination isn’t available, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do everything we can to assist you.

Simply click our booking page to get a quote or make a booking within seconds.


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