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Switzerland lifts most Covid-19 restrictions

The Swiss government has decided to drop most coronavirus restrictions from 17.02.2022. as the record levels of infections triggered by the Omicron variant have not translated into a peak of hospitalisations.

The government also announced at the highly anticipated press conference in Bern that there would be no further restrictions on the size of private gatherings in Switzerland, while large events would no longer have to apply for authorisations. 

Masks will no longer be mandatory in schools, shops, concert halls or at work. But they will remain compulsory until the end of March on public transport and in healthcare facilities. The government has also kept in place a requirement for people who test positive for Covid-19 to go into isolation for five days.

However, the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) confirms that the Federal Council's decision to lift the health-related measures at the border on entry as of February 17, "does not change the continuing pandemic-related entry requirements for third-country nationals."