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Transfer Geneva Airport to La Clusaz

Transfers from Geneva to La Clusaz needn’t be a hassle this ski season. If you’re looking forward to the journey to the French ski resort heavyweight, ensure you can actually trust your airport transfer company. Here’s everything you need to know about your future trip, from plane to powder, and a little bit more about why you can count on Alps2Alps transfers.


Geneva Airport to La Clusaz Transfer

On average, Geneva ski transfers to La Clusaz will take around 1 hour 20 minutes, but there can be significant changes depending on the time you will be travelling.

La Clusaz is a popular ski resort that is quite busy. That's why travelling at peak times, you can expect to encounter some traffic jams and waiting. We will always do everything possible to ensure you are feeling comfortable for the duration of your transfer.

We highly advise our clients to travel in midweek days to cut down on your trip time and guarantee yourself more time on the slopes.

Route Details, Issues & Alternatives

The standard route from Geneva to La Clusaz will usually take via the way heading over to Gorges du Borne/Tour du Bargy, bordering Bonneville. This way will be the shorter one. But, we recommend you to choose another route in case of unfavourable weather conditions.

An alternative route will be a journey aside Annecy, before reaching lake Annecy (destination Annecy-Nord/Annecy-le-Vieux/Aéroport Meythet). If the snow forecast is not good enough, travel this route will be more reasonable.

What to Do En-Route

You don’t have to go directly to your point of destination.

If you want to make a stop at any stage to stretch your legs, we will gladly take this and make a pause during your trip.

There are plenty of supermarkets en-route to La Clusaz. You can pick up your mostly needed ski holiday essentials (and maybe some tasty snacks for the journey) before you get to the ski resort. Why not?

Besides, you may find some products bought on the way to La Clusaz are cheaper than those ones you would find at the resort.

From key sights to spectacular landscapes there may be hidden something you should necessarily discover. So, get your camera out and start snapping. Keep your eyes wide open for the amazing beauty scenery of the French Alps.

Renting skis? Don’t wait till you get to the resort, just pick skis up on your way.

Alps2Alps has a ski rental shop not far from Geneva city. More about our ski rental offerings later.

Journey Altitude

It’s important to remember that your journey from Geneva to La Clusaz will take you to more altitude and may lead to some potential complications.

Geneva airport lies at an altitude of 430m, the village of La Clusaz - at 1100m.

During this journey, some passengers might have a mild discomfort. Nausea, headaches and dizziness can be symptoms of air pressure change. Little kids are especially prone to feel sick.

When the route combines this air pressure change with steep, serpentine roads, the trip can be difficult for some people. You can ask your driver to lower the temperature of the vehicle if needed to help you feel more comfortable.

But the beautiful scenery can be the perfect medicine for you in these moments of malaise - just look out the window!


La Clusaz Ski Resort

La Clusaz is comfortably situated in the Arabiva massif, combined with a ski pass, ski lifts and ski basses from Manigo, La Clusaz and Saint-Jean-de-Sixt. Together they are 220 kilometres of trails with a magnificent snow cover.

La Clusaz is a true athlete. The resort boasts a rich history, traditions and achievements of its skiers.

Despite the fact that the resort was chosen by professional athletes, the slopes of La Clusaz are ideal for beginners alpinists and snowboarders. Blue and red tracks predominate here. There are all conditions for families with children.

Find out more about La Clusaz ski resort here.


Geneva Airport Transfers (GVA)

Located approximately 5km from the city centre, Geneva Airport is one of the busiest airports to service the Alps. There are crowds of skiers flocking here at the peak of ski season. Make sure you book your ski transfer in advance to avoid long and unnecessary waiting.

Flying with your own skis? Find out how much airlines flying into Geneva airport will charge you.

If you’re looking for the information about your flight to Geneva Airport, find it here.

Find out more about Geneva Airport here.


How Much Will Your Transfer From Geneva to La Clusaz Cost?

Alps2Alps always offers the best value transfers to all popular Alpine ski resorts. We prefer to take a dynamic and the most affordable approach to pricing structure. During the calculation of our quotes, we take into account a number of factors, including:

  • Your trip
  • The number of people travelling
  • Day\Date of your travel
  • All discounts and shares currently available

In the process of calculating fares, we usually start with our standard price and then reduce this based on the factors mentioned above. This dynamic approach means we only ever decrease our prices – never overstates them.

Pricing is also affected by vehicle availability, transfer schedule, vehicle utilisation and additional costs like road tolls and parking charges.

Midweek Transfers

If you want to keep down transfer cost and save the most, travel tranquilly and spend less time stuck in traffic jams on the route, we highly recommend you travelling midweek. Notice that midweek transfer can reduce your costs by up to 60%.

More discounts are available for travelling off-season and in low season.


Alps2Alps Ski Rental – Kids Ski Free

Alps2Alps also provides low-cost ski rentals on trips from Geneva. We have a rental store only in 15 minutes from Geneva Airport. We will then pick you up from the airport and take you to the rental store so you can rent your equipment and easily continue your trip.

We have plenty of service points in the Alps. If your ski equipment is not quite right, you can easily exchange it with no hassle.

But wait, that’s not all!

Kids ski rental with Alps2Alps comes free with any full paying adult sky traveller. Really good news, right?

Book your ski rental online with your transfer here!


Book Your Geneva to La Clusaz Transfer

Booking your transfer is simple and stress-free!

The fastest way to do so is online, but you can also send us an email or make a phone call if you prefer this way.

Booking online will take you less than 5 minutes and we will guarantee your booking immediately. If your chosen ski resort or service isn’t available, don't doubt to contact us. We will do everything we can to assist you.

Go forward to our booking page to get a real-time quote just in a few seconds


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