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Munich Airport to Mayrhofen Transfers; Everything You Need to Know!

Mayrhofen offers the best of both worlds. Discover a quaint traditional village, complete with a contemporary ski resort, modern lifts and access to Austria's largest ski area. These are just some of the reasons why Mayrhofen ski resort is one of Austria's most-loved.

Mayrhofen resort is accessible by many international ski airports, including Munich Airport. Whether you are looking to ski off-peak or at the height of the ski season, Munich Airport to Mayrhofen transfers are no trouble for Alps2Alps. 

From the plane to the piste, here's all you need to know about the journey to Mayrhofen from Munich Airport.

Munich to Mayrhofen Transfers; The Journey

The Route to Mayrhofen from Munich

The journey to Mayrhofen is a beautiful one, passing through many stunning towns and cities en-route. 

Depending on external factors such as traffic and weather conditions, there are two routes that our drivers will aim to take, both as engaging as the other! 

The first and most direct route from Munich is as follows:

Munich Airport - Garching bei München - Feldkirchen - Hohenbrunn - Irschenberg - Raubling - Kiefersfelden - Wiesing - Fugen - Mayrhofen resort. 

Although this is the perfect option for this popular transfer route, traffic might be too disruptive during peak times.

The second journey follows the following route:

Munich Centre - Wolfratshausen - Penzberg - Bad Tölz - Jenbach - Fügen - Mayrhofen resort. 

Because this route involves Munich city centre, there may be high traffic at specific points. 
Our drivers will always calculate the journey beforehand, considering traffic and weather, and our team will always choose the best route option for that day.

Travel Times for Munich Airport Transfers

There are two main routes from Munich to Mayrhofen; the quickest and the shortest. 

The most direct route from the airport to the Alps ski resort is approximately 175km, taking roughly 2 hours 30 minutes. However, the second route, which is 195km, takes around 2 hours 15 minutes. 

Despite the route you take, travel time can change significantly depending on weather and traffic conditions on the day of travel.

Seasonal Route Issues

Although travelling in peak season might mean some extra waiting or longer travel times, the driver of your private airport transfer will do everything they can to ensure a comfortable and happy journey.

If you travel midweek, the chances of long waits and traffic jams are much smaller, and it guarantees more time on the slopes - sounds like a win-win to us!

Our Guide to Skiing in Mayrhofen

What keeps avid skiers returning to Mayrhofen ski resort year after year? Mayrhofen is one of many breathtaking ski resorts in Austria, accompanied by a traditional Tyrolean village, complete with access to a world-class contemporary resort. 

Known for its freakishly steep 78% gradient Harakiri piste, with a sprinkling of red and black slopes, intermediate and expert skiers get a thrill from the adrenaline of Mayrhofen. But, expert skiers aren't the only group wanting to return for their annual ski holiday.

Out of the 142 km of skiable pistes, 44 km of these are easy slopes! Combine this with one of Austria's best snow parks, a dedicated children's area, with activities such as tobogganing, ice skating and horse-drawn sleigh rides; it is a true all-rounder resort. Whether you're skiing with a group of friends or on a family ski holiday, Mayrhofen appeals to the masses.

  • 44 Ski Lifts (including Sunkid moving carpet)
  • 3 black pistes
  • 27 red pistes
  • 22 blue pistes
  • Ski lifts: 57
  • Downhill pistes: 136km
  • Cross-country pistes: 30km

Booking Your Munich to Mayrhofen Transfer

How Much Will Your Transfer From Munich Airport to Mayrhofen Cost?

Our airport transfer prices are shapeable to ensure we offer the best possible rate to our loyal customers. We consider several factors to calculate the cost of the airport transfer. The principal factors to look at are:

  • The arrival airport
  • The chosen resort
  • Number of travellers
  • Vehicle type and availability
  • The season and time of week of the journey
  • Any discounts applicable

When booking with Alps2Alps you won't have to worry about unfair, unreasonable pricing. We start with a standard fare and deduct fees from this rate based on the factors above; you will never pay more than what you owe. 

The Benefits of Booking Midweek Transfers

A little reminder that booking a midweek transfer to Mayrhofen can save you both time and money. Increased vehicle availability, decreased traffic; better deal!

If you book a cheap midweek transfer between Monday to Friday, you can sometimes save up to 50% compared to weekend bookings.

There is also considerably less traffic on the roads on a weekday, the slopes are quieter and the ski lift queues are shorter, meaning less time on the road and more time on less congested slopes. Sounds like a great deal to us!

Types of Alps Ski Transfers Offered

We offer two types of airport transfers from Munich Airport to Mayrhofen resort, private and shared. 

Private Ski Transfers

Private transfers are perfect for group ski holidays of up to 8 people. If you're holidaying with friends, families with children or smaller groups of skiers looking for an uber-comfortable ride to Mayrhofen, private airport transfers are the best option.

With our private transfer, there is no waiting around for fellow skiers. Your driver will meet you at arrivals and accompany you to your vehicle. You can also arrange stops en route to Mayrhofen to stretch your legs or visit a supermarket to stock up on essentials. 

Shared Ski Transfers

If you want to cut the costs of your ski trip, you can book our shared service. Our shared ski transfers are the cheapest but no less comfy!

You will share a vehicle with another party heading in the same direction. Depending on the shared service you have chosen, you might have to wait a couple of hours for your party to arrive at Munich Airport. We always try to coordinate our scheduling to ensure wait times are minimal.

Why Use Alps2Alps for Alps Ski Transfers?

We have provided comfortable, efficient and friendly Alpine ski transfers for over ten years. We're an industry leader specialising in cheap and fuss-free Alps transfers, including those to Mayrhofen!

How are we different from the competition?

Benefits of a Private Transfer from Munich Airport to Mayrhofen

Are you wondering why it's best to choose a private transfer with Alps2Alps over public transport? From comfortable vehicles, friendly drivers, stops on the journey and safe child seats, the benefits are endless!

Here's a taste of what to expect:

  • Modern fleet of over 100 vehicles - lots of availability
  • Cars fit for all winter conditions
  • Free Wi-Fi onboard
  • Ample luggage space for skis and bags
  • 24/7 dispatch centre
  • Ski rental and storage offers for transfer clients
  • Free child and booster seats on request
  • A warm and welcome team on hand from customer service to drivers

Book Your Munich to Mayrhofen Transfer Today!

Booking your transfer is simple, taking no more than 5 minutes. Simply fill out the online form, send us an email or give us a call. 

Ready to get started? Book your ski transfer today, and we'll see you at Munich airport!

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