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Munich Airport to Zell am See Transfers

Transfers from Munich to Zell am See will be the best option if you’re looking for a smooth transportation and want to avoid stressful journey. Alps2Alps will be top option for this year ski season. Choose a reliable transfer services provider, book with us and enjoy care-free holiday. Here you’ll find all the necessary information about the transfer from the Munich Airport to Zell am See ski resort.


Transfers from Munich to Zell am See

The journey from Munich to Zell am See will take approximately 3 hours if there won’t be any traffic jams or bad weather conditions. Nevertheless, it’s always good to count with some extra time on the road. When considering the transfer time, it’s important to take your chosen travelling season and day in mind. If you’ll be making the journey on ski resort peak season and around weekend it will most probably end up in the slight delay for your arrival time at the resort.

Midweek travelling can turn out very pleasant for your whole holiday! Keep that in mind and find out here how you can guarantee yourself more time on the slopes.


Route Details, Issues & Alternatives

There are various route options for the journey to Zell am See ski resort and the first suggested route would be Munich Airport- Garching bei Munchen- Brunnthal- Irchenberg- Brannenburg- Kossen- Erpfendorf- Lofer- Maishofen- Zell am See.

There’s a possibility to take a slightly different route that would lead you on the same roads and make a different curve after passing Irchenberg. The route then would be as follows: Irchenberg- Rihrdorf- Siegsdorf- Inzell- Schneizelreuth- Lofer- Maishofen- Zell am See.

And the third option that would be a little more time-consuming option would take you via Munich Airport- Dorfen- Waldkraiburg- Siegsdorf- Inzell- Lofer- Maishofen- Zell am See. Even if this route may seem longer at the beginning, due to the road works or a denser traffic on the first two routes, it could turn out to be the most efficient route to choose.


What to Do En-Route

There are plenty of supermarkets on the way to the resort and a stop at the supermarket could be a good idea to have a chance to get some refreshments and some things for your holiday if there’s something missing out still.

If you’d like to make a stop on the way, simply to stretch your legs or if you have any particular place in mind, it can be easily arranged. Remember that we’ll always adapt to your needs and requirements.

Not to forget the admirable picturesque views outside the window- this can serve as a great relaxation. Get your journey playlist ready and enjoy the beautiful world around you.


Journey Altitude

When travelling from the Munich Airport to Zell am See you’ll experience a journey through rising altitudes and that might affect your wellness. Although there shouldn’t be a reason for worries as the altitudes in this reason and in the ski resorts are not dangerously high, it could still cause some inconveniences.

The most common symptoms of the altitude sickness are nausea, headache, dizziness, fatigue etc. and in most times children and the elderly are especially prone to it. All these symptoms can vary and are depending on the physical condition of each individual.

If there’s a need to change the salon temperature, change the seat position or to make a stop on the way to get a breeze of fresh air, please don’t hesitate to ask our driver to arrange that for you. Be sure our team will always adapt to your needs.


Zell am See Ski Resort

Sitting at an altitude of 760m above sea level Zell am See ski resort village is located by the lake and will charm you with its picturesque old-town. Zell am See is offering varied wooded runs with stunning lake views. Also, its strong side is glacier slopes of Kaprun that are reachable with the right ski pass.

Zell am See is a place for all sorts of levels and even if you have a mixed group of skiers and non-skiers, the lovely town will have enough for everyone. Zell am See is an all year long resort and offers hiking routes as well.

As for the après-ski, the town has a charming medieval centre with many interesting shops, cafes and restaurants. You’ll find everything to suit the needs for both a family vacation and a group of friends looking for a louder party.

Find out more about Zell am See here!


Munich Airport Transfers (MUC)

Munich Airport is one of the busiest airports to serve the Alps and it’s the second busy airport in Germany. We strongly suggest making your transfer booking in advance to assure the best deals for your transfer.

Flying with your own skis? Find out how much the airlines flying into Munich airport will charge you.

If you’re looking for information about your flight to Munich Airport, find it here.

Find out more about Munich Airport here.


How Much Will Your Transfer From Munich to Zell am See Cost?

Transparent, reliable and trustworthy- these are the main characteristics that we care about. This describes our work culture. Here at Alps2Alps our team of professionals is working tirelessly to give the best service for the lowest prices. There are certain factors we need to look at when calculating your transfer fare and those are:

  • The arrival airport

  • The day and the season of travelling

  • The transfer destination

  • Vehicle availability

  • Discounts that may be applied

At the beginning, we apply the standard prices based on the factors affecting your booking. After that, we’re looking at any discounts applicable to be able to reduce the total costs of your transfer. Our priority is to stay reliable and trustworthy, therefore be sure we’ll never increase your fare after calculating the standard price.

Each and every booking is unique, that’s why the factors often vary. Be sure we’ll always give the best possible service depending on all your requirements.


Midweek Transfers

Remember to consider a midweek transfer and cut down on your transfer prices and avoid the traffic.

Want more benefits? Combine a midweek travelling and off-peak season and enjoy the best offers!


Book Your Munich to Zell am See Transfer

Now you’re ready and set! Just head to the online booking section at and make your booking in less than 5 minutes.

However, if you still have some questions and uncertainties, please contact us via phone or e-mail and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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