Help and advice on long-term ski storage with A2A Ski Depot

Why it is beneficial to use Alps2Alps ski depot service?

Using Alps2Alps Ski Depot service you will get many benefits:

  • This is hassle free – you don’t need to carry bulky skis through the airports and worry about possible loose or damage to your equipment during your trip.
  • This is money saving option – you don’t need to pay for your equipment transportation to taxi and airline company.
  • Leaving skis at Alps2Alps Ski Depot you will save also space at your home.
  • You don’t need to carry your skis to ski service for waxing, sharpening and repairing – this can be done at Alps2Alps Ski Depot.

Will there be a charge for storage? If so, what will the charge be?

There is no charge for ski storage if you use Alps2Alps as your ski transfer company for your next ski trip. If you don't use Alps2Alps for your next ski transfer, the charge 5EUR per month will apply for ski or snowboard storage, and 25EUR per all storage period for boots or helmets.

You can check estimated costs for storage here.

Which airports will be covered by this arrangement?

We can collect your ski equipment in every transfer route covered by Alps2Alps. You can check it on our website. We also can transfer your skis to any address you'll specify, for reasonable costs.

Will you store equipment from one season to the next?

Yes, we offer long-term storage up to 16 months free of charge if you use Alps2Alps ski transfers for your next ski trip. In case you store your equipment longer than 16 months, the charge 5EUR per extra month will apply.

What happens to my equipment during storage period?

When you leave your skis with us, we take them to our secured storage unit in Albertville. We clean and inspect your equipment when it arrives at us, and pack it away safely until your collection request.

We will notify you if we observe needed equipment servicing. Under your request we will gladly service your equipment offering waxing, sharpening or repairing.

How do I get my skis/board to Alps2Alps Ski Depot?

There are two ways you can choose:

  1. Leave your equipment to your Alps2Alps transfer driver on the return transfer to the airport;
  2. Visit one of our ski rental stores in Archamps (near Geneva) or Albertville to leave your equipment by yourself.

How do I get my skis/board back?

Just log in to your account at Alps2Alps website and notify us of your plans or write an email at

If you have a transfer with Alps2Alps, transfer driver will meet you with your equipment at pick-up.

If you would like to visit our Ski Depot to collect your equipment by yourself, just let us know the date and approximate time.

What if I want to arrive at another airport than the one where I left my skis?

There are no problems at all. As you know, Alps2Alps cover all main airports in the Alpine region. If you leave your equipment in Austria, but next year will go skiing to France, Switzerland or Italy, just let us know at least 1 month before your trip.

Reasonable delivery costs will apply for delivery, you can check estimated prices here.

What happens if I need get my skis back to my home address?

It is simple. Just log in to your account at Alps2Alps website and notify us of your plans or write an e-mail to the We will send your equipment to any address you will specify, at any time for reasonable costs. Please note that such delivery will be carried out by third parties. We will provide you with carrier’s name and tracking number. The prices for such delivery will depend on delivery address.

I have a transfer with Alps2Alps and would like to visit Ski Depot to leave my skis for storage. How much time does it require, because I'm worried that I can miss my flight?

It is not necessary to visit Ski Depot by yourself. At the end of your transfer, you can leave your ski and/or snowboard equipment to your transfer driver. The driver will give you a receipt for your equipment collection, and our staff will send a voucher by email notifying about the collection.

I would like to leave my equipment at Alps2Alps Ski Depot, but I don’t have exact plans for my next ski trip yet. How much I need to pay as I don’t know both the dates and the arrival airport?

It is not necessary to pay now or at the beginning of storage. If some charges will apply, you will pay at the collection. For now, you can easily check the estimated prices here.

Please note, that we need to know your arrival destination one month prior your arrival.

Can you service my skis/board and prepare your equipment for next season?

Yes, we can service your skis and/or snowboard. Our technicians will wax, sharpen, or repair for reasonable prices, check our price list here.

Do I have to return to the same airport every time?

You can choose every airport you need, no matter where we collected your skis - we will return them in every Alpine airport in France, Switzerland, Austria or Italy if you use Alps2Alps as your ski transfer company.

Reasonable delivery charges will apply for delivery to a different airport as it was collected. Please note, that we need to know your arrival destination one month prior your arrival.

What are the insurance arrangements?

Ski Depot ski storage is fully covered by insurance (no additional charges apply). If something happens with your equipment during storage (loose, damage, etc.), we will provide all necessary information to the insurance company to cover your loses.

Is it just skis and boards or will you also store boots and helmets?

At Ski Depot you can also store your boots and helmets. The charge for boots and helmets storage is 25EUR per all period of storage.

The storage of skis and boards are free of charge.

I’m always renting a car in the Alps and not using transfer companies. Can I use your Ski Depot service?

Yes, you can use Ski Depot ski equipment storage service. Just visit one of our Ski Rental shops to leave your equipment and collect it during your next visit to the Alps. Storage price 5EUR per month will apply and must be paid at the stored equipment collection.

If you would like us to deliver your equipment to specified address or airport, let us know one month before. You can check prices for equipment storage and delivery here.