Help and advice on long-term ski storage with A2A Ski Depot

Hauling bulky ski equipment through the airport and transporting it to your resort can be quite awkward, so keeping your skis, snowboard, boots or helmets in ski storage between seasons can be a real life-saver.

At Alps2Alps, our Ski Depot offers just that; a safe and secure location to store all of your skiing equipment with quick, easy and hassle-free drop-off and collection options.

We’ve answered some popular ski storage FAQs below, but if you do have any more queries, just contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

What are the benefits of using Alps2Alps ski storage services?

Using Alps2Alps ski depot service to store your ski equipment has many benefits:

  • Hassle-free: You don’t need to carry heavy and awkward skis through the airports or worry about possible loss or damage en route
  • Money-saving: Believe it or not, on-location ski storage is usually cheaper than paying excess airline fees and transporting your equipment to the resort
  • Space-saving: Tight for space at home? No need to worry about finding a place to keep bulky ski equipment for the year
  • No extra trips: Save time manoeuvring your skis and snowboards for waxing, sharpening and repairing pre-season - this can be done at Alps2Alps Ski Depot

Is there an extra charge? If so, what is the cost of the indoor ski storage?

If you use Alps2Alps as your ski transfer company, you will have access to our ski and snowboard storage for free. If you don’t use Alps2Alps for your next ski transfer, the cost is still very affordable at €5 per month for ski or snowboard storage. If you want to store all ski equipment including ski boots and helmets, this will be €25.

Which airports have a ski depot?

We can collect your ski equipment on any ski transfer route covered by Alps2Alps. We can also transfer your skis to any chosen address for a reasonable cost.

Can you store ski equipment from one ski season to the next?

Yes, we offer long-term storage up to 16 months free of charge if you use Alps2Alps ski transfers for your next skiing holiday. In case you store your equipment longer than 16 months, the €5 charge per extra month will apply.

What happens to my ski equipment during storage period?

When you leave your skis or snowboards in storage, we safely transport them to our secured unit in Albertville. We clean and inspect your ski equipment when it arrives with us, and pack it away safely until your collection request.

If we think your equipment needs servicing after inspection, we will notify you and if you so wish, we will happily carry out the waxing, sharpening or repairing of ski equipment.

How do I get my skis or snowboard to the Alps2Alps ski storage unit?

There are two options to choose from:

  • Leave your equipment with your Alps2Alps driver on the return transfer to the airport;
  • Visit our ski rental store in Archamps or Albertville to deliver the equipment yourself

How do I get my snowboard or skis out of storage when I need them?

Just log in to your account on our website and let us know your plans or write an email to

If you have an Alps2Alps airport transfer, your driver will meet you with your ski equipment at the pick-up time. But if you would like to visit our Ski Depot to collect your equipment yourself, just let us know the date and approximate time.

What if I want to arrive at a different airport to the one where I left my skis?

That is no problem at all as we cover all of the main airports in the Alpine region. If you leave your equipment in Austria at the end of the ski season, but next year you want to go skiing in France or Switzerland, just let us know 1 month before your trip and we will have your ski equipment delivered safely to your chosen airport.

Reasonable delivery charges will apply, you can find all ski equipment delivery costs online.

How can I get my ski equipment back to my home address?

I have a return airport transfer with Alps2Alps. Will I have enough time to visit the ski depot to leave my skis in storage as I’m worried about missing my flight?

While you can visit our ski depot yourself, this isn’t necessary. If you want to leave your equipment in our ski storage at the end of your holiday, just leave it with your coach driver on your return transfer.

The driver will issue you with a receipt to collect your ski equipment when you need it next and you will receive a voucher via email notifying you about collection skis, snowboard, boots and helmets.

I want to leave my ski equipment in storage, but I don’t know the plans for my next trip. How much will ski storage cost if I don’t know the arrival dates or airport?

You don’t have to worry about pre-paying for our indoor ski storage. If any charges apply, you will pay for this when you collect your ski equipment. You can check the estimated ski storage prices online or you can call us for more information.

Please note, you must let us know your arrival airport at least one month before your trip to allow time for delivery.

Can you service, prepare or repair my skis or snowboard before the next ski season?

Yes, we have the ability to service your skis and snowboards for you. Our technicians will wax, sharpen or repair your ski equipment so it is in great condition and ready for the upcoming ski season. Our costs for servicing and repairing ski equipment are also very reasonable.

Do I have to return to the same airport every time if I want to use your ski storage?

Because we service all of the major airports in the Alpine region, you can travel to an airport that is the most convenient for you - no need to worry about how you will retrieve your ski equipment.

When you use Alps2Alps for your ski transfer, we will transport your skis and equipment to any Alpine airport in France, Switzerland, Italy or Austria; ready for you to collect.

If your skis or snowboards need to be delivered to a different airport, there will be a small delivery fee and please give us at least one month’s notice before the start of your trip.

Will my ski equipment be covered by insurance while in your ski depot?

The safekeeping of your ski equipment is important to use, so any equipment that is kept in our indoor ski storage unit is fully covered by insurance at no additional cost.

In the unlikely event that anything happens to your equipment when in our possession, such as loss or damage, we provide you with any information that you need for our insurance company to cover your losses or repair fees.

Can I only store skis and snowboards, or can I keep my ski boots and helmet in storage?

If you want to keep skis and snowboards in our ski storage, this is free of charge with any ski airport transfer. However, we will happily keep your ski boots, helmets and poles, but this will cost a small fee of €25.

I prefer to rent a car in the Alps instead of using an airport transfer company. Can I still use your ski storage?

Yes, you can use our Ski Depot to store your skiing equipment. Drop off your equipment at one of our ski rental shops and collect it at the start of your next visit - it’s that easy.

Without one of our ski transfers, the cost of our ski storage service is €5 per month and you will pay this upon collection of your ski equipment.

If you have left your equipment at one ski depot, but have decided to try a different Alpine region for your next ski holiday, don’t panic. Let us know one month in advance and we can transfer your ski equipment to your chosen airport for a small delivery fee.

You can check all of our ski storage and delivery prices online.