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General Terms and Conditions for Ski Storage

These general terms and conditions govern the storage of the Client’s sports equipment by Amitours London Ltd. (owner of Alps2Alps Transfers and Alps2Alps Ski Depot) through the

Alps2Alps Ski Depot will act as contracting party on behalf of Amitours London Ltd.

Alps2Alps Ski Depot may alter these terms and conditions from time to time, following which all ski equipment storage conditions will be governed by that version.

The terms governing the storage of a ski equipment will be the terms in place at the time of your reservation.

The storage of the ski equipment, as summarized on the website, will only be validated if the Client clicks to agree to the conditions described hereinunder.

ARTICLE 1: Definition

The terms, used below in these general conditions for Ski Depot, signify the following:

ACCOUNT: refers to the interface in which all the information provided by the Client is stored. These data include information concerning the Client such as their E-mail address, the status of their transactions, the ski equipment, including skis, snowboards, poles, ski boots, snowboard boots, helmets, etc.  Please note that an account cannot be transferred to a third party;

AGREEMENT: refers to the contractual relation by which the parties are bound, and which is governed by these General Conditions for Ski Depot, the invoice and any additional clause subsequently signed by the parties;

CLIENT: refers to Alps2Alps Ski Depot contracting party, a competent individual who has reached the age of majority and who can be qualified as a consumer according to the legal UK definition and jurisprudence; shall mean any person storing equipment and paying the cost of this storage through website or by cash or card on site;

INVOICE: refers to the contractual document transmitted by Alps2Alps Ski Depot on which the final price of the order appears;

ORDER: refers to the operation by which the Client orders the storage of ski equipment, the payment method and makes payment;

VOUCHER: refers to the document which the Client uses to collect the stored ski equipment from the Alps2Alps Ski Depot and which attests to complete payment of the order;

WEBSITE: refers to the website available at the address on which the Client can order the ski depot service.

STORAGE: refers to all activities performed by Alps2Alps to store customer’s equipment devolved to Alps2Alps for storage.

COLLECTION: refers to the operation by which the Client Collect the ski equipment from Alps2Alps ski depot after storage period;

SERVICES: refers to all activities performed by Alps2Alps team of technicians providing expert ski and snowboard equipment servicing – from basic waxing and edge sharpening through to damage repair.

DELIVERY: refers to all activities performed by Alps2Alps to deliver the stored inventory to the collection address (indicated by the customer).

ARTICLE 2: Leaving Equipment

To leave equipment for storage, Client needs to visit Alps2Alps Ski Rental shop in Albertville, France. If Client is using Alps2Alps Transfers, it is possible to leave equipment to transfer driver on the way to the airport. After receiving the equipment for storage, Alps2Alps Ski Depot will send the confirmation e-mail to the Client, with a detailed description of received equipment. If any differences between leaved equipment and description on confirmation e-mail are investigated, Client must immediately inform the Alps2Alps Ski Depot about such contradictions. If the Client has not expressed any objections within 3 days, it is considered that the Client confirms the equipment left for storage as listed in the e-mail.

ARTICLE 3: Services

Alps2Alps Ski Depot will service and tune stored equipment upon Clients’ request – from basic waxing and edge sharpening through to damage repair. The Client will be sent an email confirming the requested Services of stored equipment. This email which includes a summary of the Services, confirms and validates the transaction. The Client confirms requested Services by payment.

ARTICLE 4: Collection

To Collect equipment from storage, Client must inform Alps2Alps Ski Depot through Website or by e-mail about Collection date and time. For delivery to another address, Client must inform Alps2Alps Ski Depot about Collection date and time one month in advance.

To Collect equipment Client needs to visit Alps2Alps ski rental shops in Archamps or Albertville. If Client is using Alps2Alps transfer for his ski trip, the equipment will be delivered to arrival airport by transfer driver.  After the equipment collection by the Client, Alps2Alps Ski Depot will send the confirmation e-mail to the Client, with a detailed description of collected equipment. If any differences between collected equipment and description on confirmation e-mail are investigated, Client must immediately inform the Alps2Alps Ski Depot about such contradictions. If the customer has not expressed any objections within 24 hours, it is considered that the Client confirms the collection of stored equipment listed in the e-mail and there is no claim to it.

ARTICLE 5: Delivery

Upon Clients’ request, Alps2Alps Ski Depot will deliver equipment to any address specified by the Client. In case if client amends the delivery of equipment, Alps2Alps Ski Depot must be informed at least one month before.

Delivery services provided by Alps2Alps Ski Depot are subject to additional fees that may vary depending on market conditions. Prices for delivery shown at Alps2Alps Ski Depot web page is for information purposes only, original prices are calculated just for real delivery bookings. Please note, that delivery of equipment will be made by third parties. Alps2Alps Ski Depot will provide the Client with details of carrier company and tracking number.

ARTICLE 6: Insurance

Alps2Alps Ski Depot is responsible for all equipment during the whole storage period. All equipment is insured for damage and theft during storage at Alps2Alps Ski Depot.

ARTICLE 7: Prices

Prices are quoted in EUR and are inclusive of VAT.

Storage prices for skis and snowboard will vary depending on the time of storage. For boots and helmets, the one-time payment per all storage period will apply. You can calculate estimated prices for storage here.

Storage of skis or snowboard is free of charge if the Client is travelling with Alps2Alps Transfers and collect stored equipment during transfer from transfer driver.

Prices for equipment Delivery depends on delivery address. You can calculate estimated prices for Delivery here.

Alps2Alps Ski Depot reserves the right to amend advertised prices at any time.

Prices include equipment theft guarantee. For detailed information see Article 6.

ARTICLE 8: Payment Conditions

Payment for the storage must be paid at the Collection of equipment. Alps2Alps Ski Depot accepts the following Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express and PayPal.

3% transaction fee will be charged for payments by PayPal.

ARTICLE 9: Booking Conditions

The Client can order storage of ski equipment for a group of people but will be held solely responsible for the Collection of all stored equipment unless another agreement is reached at the time of storage and is stated in writing. The Client accepts all storage conditions for all equipment stored under his name.

Orders are placed directly on the Alps2Alps website. To place an order, the Client should follow the steps below (however, please note that according to the Client's startup page the steps might be slightly different):

  1. Book your ski and snowboard equipment storage online. Indicate the equipment you want to leave for storage.
  2. Read and agree to these General Conditions for Rental before validating the order.

Your booking is confirmed and a contract between you and us for the Ski Depot is established just when equipment is left in possession of Alps2Alps.  

If the Alps2Alps Ski Depot received equipment for storage, Alps2Alps Ski Depot shall send the Client an e-mail confirming the order with a Voucher on which the following are indicated:

  • The date and time of leaving the ski equipment for storage;
  • The estimated date and time of collection of the ski equipment by the client;
  • The list of articles stored and their characteristics;
  • The service options if chosen.

The Client shall print the Voucher, which must be presented to the representative of Alps2Alps Ski Depot at the Collection.

The Client hereby expressly agrees that Alps2Alps may appropriate from his bank account any due amount in case of late or non-payment of excess fees, by using the credit card number and expiration date given by the Client.

Any amount paid by the Client will be reimbursed within 30 days and credited to the client by using the Client’s credit card number and expiry date.

ARTICLE 10: Ownership

The Alps2Alps respecting the Clients ownership rights of all stored equipment for the duration of the agreement.

ARTICLE 11: Liability

It is the responsibility of the Client that all information provided by the Client is correct. Alps2Alps Ski Depot accepts no responsibility for misinformation given by a Client.

Alps2Alps Ski Depot cannot be held responsible, under any circumstance in the non-execution or poor execution of the contractual services that might be attributable to the Client;

Alps2Alps Ski Depot cannot be held responsible or be considered to have failed to meet their obligations due to any delay or non-execution when the cause of the delay or non-execution is related to a force majeure.

ARTICLE 12: Force Majeure

Alps2Alps Ski Depot reserves the right to suspend, delay, modify or cancel the execution of the ski equipment storage and delivery order in case of events or circumstances of force majeure or an act of God or circumstances contractually similar to cases of force majeure or an act of God even if they might not fit the legal definition such as: fire, independent work stoppage against the will of the company or any of their suppliers or subcontractors, flooding, epidemic, war, requisitioning, strike, storm, tornado, earthquake, revolution, theft of some or all of the equipment, interruption or delay in transports, transport damage, lack of raw materials, tooling accident, lack of fuel or any other source of energy, as well as in case of any external circumstances or event, against the will of Alps2Alps Ski Depot, that might occur subsequent to the finalization of the agreement, preventing execution under normal conditions.

It is hereby specified that, under such conditions, the Client cannot claim any indemnity and cannot bring any actions for recourse against Alps2Alps Ski Depot.

In case any of the above-mentioned events occurs, Alps2Alps Ski Depot shall do their utmost to inform the Client as soon as possible.

Alps2Alps Ski Depot strongly recommends the purchase of travel insurance.

ARTICLE 13: Claims

If you encounter a problem with your service, please inform the Alps2Alps Ski Depot customer service, call us using the numbers given to you on your Ski Depot Voucher and we will immediately endeavour to investigate the matter and put things right.

Failure to notify concerned of your complaint at this stage will affect our ability to investigate the matter complained of, and your rights under the ski rental contract with the Alps2Alps Ski Depot.

If you have any service issues in relation to services booked with us, you should direct to Alps2Alps Ski Depot via email at or by post to Amitours London Ltd, Office 7, 6 Gainsborough Road, London E11 1HT.

Alps2Alps Ski Depot will endeavour to resolve all service issues within 28 days of notification.

Please note that any complaints must be received in writing within 28 days of the Collection date.

ARTICLE 14: Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The General Terms & Conditions and any agreement to which they apply are governed in all respects by English law. The courts of England and Wales have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute or claim arising out of it.