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General Terms And Conditions For Online Rental

These general terms and conditions govern the rental of sports equipment by Amitours London Ltd (owner of Alps2Alps Transfers and Alps2Alps Ski Rental) to the Client through the

Alps2Alps Ski Rental will act as contracting party on behalf of Amitours London Ltd.

Alps2Alps Ski Rental may alter these terms and conditions from time to time, following which all ski equipment rental reservations will be governed by that version.

The terms governing the purchase of a ski rental will be the terms in place at the time of your reservation.

The rental of the ski equipment, as summarized on the website, will only be validated if the Client clicks to agree to the conditions described herein under.


The terms, used below in these general conditions for rental, signify the following:
ACCOUNT: refers to the interface in which all the information provided by the Client is stored. These data include information concerning the Client such as their E-mail address, the status of their transactions, the ski equipment, rented on the website, their shoe size, weight and height. Please note that an account cannot be transferred to a third party;
AGREEMENT: refers to the contractual relation by which the parties are bound, and which is governed by these General Conditions for Rental, the invoice and any additional clause subsequently signed by the parties;
CLIENT: refers to Alps2Alps Ski Rental contracting party, a competent individual who has reached the age of majority and who can be qualified as a consumer according to the legal UK definition and jurisprudence; shall mean any person renting equipment and paying the cost of this rental through website;
INVOICE: refers to the contractual document transmitted by Alps2Alps Ski Rental on which the final price of the order appears;
ORDER: refers to the operation by which the Client chooses the ski equipment, the payment method and makes payment;
VOUCHER: refers to the document which the Client uses to collect the ski equipment ordered from the Alps2Alps Ski Rental and which attests to complete payment of the order;
WEBSITE: refers to the website available at the address on which the Client can order the ski equipment.


Prices are quoted in EUR and are inclusive of VAT.

Rental prices will vary depending on the skiing ability level of the Client, and the type of equipment rented by the Client, and skiing duration.

Total rental prices are set based on skiing duration according to booked return Transfer dates from the airport. Arrival day rental is for free if the airport pick-up is later than 11 Am. Departure day rental is for free if the resort pick-up time is before 3 Pm.

Alps2Alps Ski Rental reserves the right to amend advertised prices at any time during the holiday season.

Multiday rates are per day rate for 5 days +.

Child rates apply to those aged 3 to 13 years and under.

Prices include equipment damage/theft guarantee. For detailed information see Article 8.


“Kids ski free” is a special offer for Alps2Alps transfer clients, travelling from / to Geneva, Chambery, Grenoble and Lyon airports. For all kids aged 3 to 13 years Alps2Alps offer ski equipment for free with at least one full paying adult. This offer applies only to Rookie level skis/snowboard gear. For Champion level skis/boards the rental charges will apply. Kids ski free offer includes also damage/theft guarantee described in article 8.


Alps2Alps Ski Rental accepts the following Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express and PayPal.

3% transaction fee will be charged for payments by PayPal.

The Client gives mandate to pay the total rental price when he validates the rental by giving his credit card number and its expiration date.

The Client will be sent an email confirming the rental. This email, and only this email, which includes a summary of the rental conditions confirms and validates the transaction.

Alps2Alps Ski Rental reserves the right to cancel any rental should the Card Network refuse payment.

We may store the details of the credit card used for the payment of the rental, in order to cover any loss or theft of the equipment and/or to cover cases in which the Client does not return the equipment.

We may also pre-authorize, at the time of payment, an amount equivalent to the total “insurance excess” of the rented equipment, such amount being debited from the credit card only in the case of loss or theft or unreturned equipment. This authorization will lapse after a fixed period of time.

Upon release of payment and guarantee of booking, all guests submit 100% compliance to the following Terms & Conditions Policy. Should any doubt or dispute with said Terms & Conditions arise before booking, it is advised to contact us before placing booking and submitting payment.


If you have a coupon code or qualify for a discount, or decide to use MY AMITOURS loyalty program’s money, it must be applied BEFORE purchase. Alps2Alps Ski Rental can't apply any retroactive discounts. Promotional codes cannot be stacked, consolidated, transferred, or re-used, unless otherwise noted. Please contact us for more information.


The Client can rent equipment for a group of people but will be held solely responsible for all equipment by Alps2Alps Ski Rental unless another agreement is reached at the time of rental and is stated in writing.

The client accepts all booking conditions on behalf of each passenger.

Orders are placed directly on the Alps2Alps Transfers website. To place an order, the Client should follow the steps below (however, please note that according to the Client's startup page the steps might be slightly different):

  1. Book your return transfer service from Geneva airport;
  2. Book your ski and snowboard equipment online. Choose the desired ski equipment with or without ski boots according to the level of experience and the intended use;
  3. Indicate your size, weight and shoe size, if necessary, so that the equipment can be prepared ahead of time;
  4. Read and agree to these General Conditions for Rental before validating the order.


The Client agrees to carefully read the order summary, which he can modify at any moment before clicking on the “PAY” button.

The Client then chooses their payment method and proceeds with payment.

The Client may be sent to a secured payment platform that enables online payment.

Your booking is confirmed and a contract between you and us for the ski rental in question will exist when the appropriate payment has been made to us. No contract will exist between us until all monies due for your ski equipment rental have been received by us in full.

The Client shall receive an e-mail informing them whether or not the reservation and availability of the selected ski equipment were confirmed.

Regardless of the method of order, orders cannot be conditional: they are final.

If the availability of the ski equipment is confirmed, if applicable, Alps2Alps Ski Rental shall send the Client an e-mail confirming the order with: a Voucher on which the following are indicated:

  • - Transfer details;
  • - The date and time of collection of the ski equipment;
  • - The date and time of return of the ski equipment;
  • - The list of articles rented and their characteristics;
  • - The options chosen.

The Client shall print the Voucher, which must be given in for the driver at the meeting point at Geneva airport where the ski equipment is to be collected. The client must present it to the driver or representative for both the outward and return trip.


The rental equipment will only be handed over to the Client. The Client becomes fully responsible for the rental equipment as soon as it is issued to him.

The Client alone shall be the sole judge of whether he is capable of using the rental equipment.

The equipment must be returned to the Alps2Alps Transfers driver upon departure pick-up date and time.

Should the Client not return the equipment on this date, he will be invoiced for and shall pay all additional days of rental at the public prices shown on the Alps2Alps Transfers website. The day rate applies to any piece of equipment returned after 12am.

The equipment should be returned in good functioning condition, i.e. without any change beside that of normal wear resulting from normal use of the articles as is intended.

The parties agree that the verification shall be carried out in the presence of the Client and an employee and/or competent Alps2Alps Ski Rental representative.

The Client shall abstain from replacing the rented items by any other equipment whatsoever. The Client is hereby informed that all articles are numbered and branded and that they must be returned with the same numbers and the same brand.

The Client hereby expressly agrees that Alps2Alps may appropriate from his bank account any due amount in case of late or nonpayment of excess fees, by using the credit card number and expiration date given by the Client.


The client is automatically insured against damage to the equipment but there is an excess payable if the equipment is lost or stolen. A police report will be required.

This guarantee covers:

  • a) Any damage that might occur to the ski equipment ordered and reserved, whether:
  • a)  - Partial, i.e. which requires professional action to make the ski equipment fit for use;
  •   - Total, i.e. the ski equipment has become unfit for use and cannot be repaired for less than the price of a new article.
  • b) Any theft of a part or all of one of the ski equipment rented from Alps2Alps Ski Rental.

With regards to cases of theft, the original declaration established by the police station or gendarmerie must be transmitted to Alps2Alps Ski Rental within 24 hours following the declaration.

The Client must notify the Alps2Alps Ski Rental within twelve (12h) hours of finding out. The Client agrees to establish a statement of breakage or theft with the Alps2Alps Ski Rental.

The following are excluded from the Alps2Alps Ski Rental guarantee:

  • Cases of loss, forgetting, substitution of the ski equipment items;
  • Cases of damages resulting from non-confirming use of the ski equipment rented;
  • Cases of damages resulting from voluntary acts by the Client or persons for whom they are responsible.

In these cases, the Client shall be required to reimburse the total value of the items rented. This amount should be entirely paid to the Alps2Alps Ski Rental.

The Client shall refund the lost, damaged or stolen equipment according to the below grid:

  • Adult ski boots: 170€
  • Adult snowboard boots: 200€
  • Ski/snowboard adult beginner: 200€
  • Ski/snowboard adult intermediate: 300€
  • Ski/snowboard expert: 500€
  • Ski/snowboard children up to 150cm: 170€
  • Boots ski/snowboard children: 120€
  • Helmets: 15€


Cancellations and amendments must be confirmed in writing via e-mail to and it is your responsibility to ensure that we have received it.

Ski rental amendments can be made up to 2 days prior to the first day of your rental contract start date. Whilst we will try to assist, we cannot guarantee that any requests for amendments will be met. The client will receive an email confirming the amendment. Charges may apply.

Ski rental cancellations can be made up to 2 days prior to the first day of your rental contract start date.

In the event of a cancellation by the customer Alps2Alps Ski Rental at its absolute discretion depending on specific circumstances, may refund a proportion of the money subject to a deduction of bank, and administrative charges. The client will receive an email confirming the cancellation.

Any amount paid by the Client will be reimbursed within 30 days, and credited to the client by using the Client’s credit card number and expiry date.


Alps2Alps Ski Rental is the sole owner of the ski equipment articles which, under no circumstances, can be donated, lent, transmitted, rented, sub-rented, made available free of cost or with payment or transferred to any third party whatsoever.

The Client agrees to respect the Alps2Alps Ski Rental ownership rights for the duration of the agreement.


Alps2Alps Ski Rental accepts no liability concerning the choice of ski equipment, the number of articles chosen by the Client if they do not correspond with the Client's expectations or needs.

It is the responsibility of the client that all booking information is correct. Alps2Alps Ski Rental accepts no responsibility for misinformation given by a client.

Alps2Alps cannot be held responsible, under any circumstances, in the following cases:

  • a) Non-execution or poor execution of the contractual services that might be attributable to the Client;
  • b) Use that is non-conforming with the intended use of the ski equipment articles rented.

Alps2Alps Ski Rental shall not be liable for any indirect damage that might occur as a result of these conditions, loss of operation, loss of profit, damages or costs.

The Client is solely responsible for the choice and renting of ski equipment items.

In case it is totally or partially impossible to use one or more articles rented, notably because of incompatibility of equipment or lack of experience, there can be no compensation, refund or questioning of Alps2Alps Ski Rental's responsibility, except in case of an established hidden defect.

Finally, Alps2Alps Ski Rental cannot be held responsible or be considered to have failed to meet their obligations due to any delay or non-execution when the cause of the delay or non-execution is related to a force majeure.


Alps2Alps Ski Rental reserves the right to suspend, delay, modify or cancel the execution of the ski equipment rental order in case of events or circumstances of force majeure or an act of God or circumstances contractually similar to cases of force majeure or an act of God even if they might not fit the legal definition such as: fire, independent work stoppage against the will of the company or any of their suppliers or subcontractors, flooding, epidemic, war, requisitioning, strike, storm, tornado, earthquake, revolution, theft of some or all of the equipment, interruption or delay in transports, transport damage, lack of raw materials, tooling accident, lack of fuel or any other source of energy, as well as in case of any external circumstances or event, against the will of Alps2Alps Ski Rental , that might occur subsequent to the finalization of the agreement, preventing execution under normal conditions.

It is hereby specified that, under such conditions, the Client cannot claim any indemnity and cannot bring any actions for recourse against Alps2Alps Ski Rental.

In case any of the above-mentioned events occurs, Alps2Alps Ski Rental shall do their utmost to inform the Client as soon as possible.

Alps2Alps Ski Rental strongly recommends the purchase of travel insurance.


If you encounter a problem with your service, please inform the Alps2Alps Ski Rental customer service call us using the numbers given to you on your ski rental voucher and we will immediately endeavor to investigate the matter and put things right.

Failure to notify concerned of your complaint at this stage will affect our ability to investigate the matter complained of, and your rights under the ski rental contract with the Alps2Alps Ski Rental.

If you have any service issues upon your return, in relation to services booked with us, you should direct to Alps2Alps Ski Rental via email at: or by post to Amitours London Ltd, Office 7, 6 Gainsborough Road, London E11 1HT.

Alps2Alps Ski Rental will endeavor to resolve all service issues within 28 days of notification.

Please note that any complaints must be received in writing within 28 days of the return booking date.


The general terms & conditions and any agreement to which they apply are governed in all respects by English law. The courts of England and Wales have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute or claim arising out of it.