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How we got started...

From the start of the conflict, our CEO arrived at the Polish-Ukrainian border to help as many innocent civilians as possible, and the work quickly began.

We used our resources to our strength and began using our fleet of vehicles to transport refugees from the Ukraine border to other European countries.

The transportation work was too much for us to take on alone, but we still had capacity in other ways. So, Alps2Alps started to provide fuel free of charge to local bus companies that were also transporting refugees to safety.

As there was no end in sight for the conflict, and the need for help continued to rise, our CEO realised it was necessary to expand this project beyond its current scope. With this, the charity foundation, 'Angels for Ukraine' was established.

Angels for Ukraine

The purpose of Angels for Ukraine is to transport people to safety.

However, the charity cooperates with Ukrainian hospitals, municipalities, refugee centres and other companies to provide refugees with everything they need. They also maximally involve Ukrainian transport companies to help as many people as possible while supporting the local economy.

To date, Angels for Ukraine has transported over 21,000 refugees , the majority being women, children and the elderly.

Additionally, they move wounded soldiers and civilians for care at hospitals in Ukraine and Europe.

Angels for Ukraine have been conscious of employing or using Ukrainian services and citizens at every opportunity. For example, Ukrainian programmers developed the website, while working intermittently due to power outages caused by the continuous bombing of energy infrastructure facilities.

We understand times are tough for many people at the minute, so any donations, big or small, are greatly appreciated. If you're currently not in the position to donate, we would love it if you could help us spread the work of Angels for Ukraine to friends or family, on social media - anywhere you can. We would appreciate that more than you know.

How you can aid Angels for Ukraine

Angels for Ukraine is accepting donations from individuals and institutions or organisations.

All donations will only be used for moving Ukrainian residents to safety:

  • from Ukraine to other European countries
  • from the war zones to fairly safe regions in Ukraine
  • from Ukraine to Poland if they are wounded, where they will continue their journey to medical facilities in other EU countries

To ensure full transparency, Angels for Ukraine will publish a monthly report highlighting how it raises money and how it is spent. They also publish weekly numbers of people transported, allowing donors to follow the progress.

Thank you to Alps2Alps customers!

Last but certainly not least, we would like to extend a huge thank you to all Alps2Alps customers.

For every transfer booking made with us, we donate a percentage of this towards Angels for Ukraine to aid their efforts. Through booking our transfer services, you support the transportation of Ukrainian refugees from war-affected areas into areas of safety.

We are eternally grateful!


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