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Lally sur Blonay/Les Pleiades Resort & Transfer Guide

Les Pleiades is a small Swiss ski resort in the Lake Geneva region. The resort, located at an altitude of 1360 m, is a mountain range of the Swiss Prealps, overlooking Lake Geneva in the Swiss Canton of Waadt.

Les Pleiades is one of the main ski centres above Montreaux, a cosmopolitan town with a population of over 20,000 and a lively leisure scene. The slopes here are reached by funicular railway from the town centre.


Ski Resort Location

Les Pleiades is located north of Blonay. A railway connects Vevey and Blonay to a secondary summit of the resort which forms a very small ski area nearby, including the ski lifts belong to the municipalities Blonay and St. Legier.


Closest Airports to Lally sur Blonay/Les Pleiades

If you’re flying to Les Pleiades, be sure to arrive into one of these closest airports:


Closest Train Stations to Lally sur Blonay/Les Pleiades

  • Les Pleiades
  • Lally train station


Transfer Times

These transfer times are quite approximate because weather and road traffic can significantly impact transfer time:


How Much Will My Transfer Cost?

In Alps2Alps we are always glad to offer the most beneficial and reliable transfer services for our clients during the entire ski season. And we promise you that transfer prices will be as beneficial as possible.
The cost of the transfer is individual for every our client and it depends on some factors:


  • Airport of your arrival
  • Distance from the airport to the ski resort
  • Time of your trip (date and day of the week)
  • How many people will be in your group (including adults and small travellers)
  • Our current seasonal discounts

Don’t doubt that the base price of ski transfer will be minimal and most profitable for you. We never overstate prices for our customers.

We advise you to make a transfer booking for working days or after the high season to get the best economy of money. Remember that on weekdays (From Monday to Friday) Alps2Alps usually make a transfer discounts up to 60%.
Notice that final cost of your transfer will be also dependent on such factors as availability and use of the vehicle, transfer schedule and other costs, for example, toll roads and airport parking charges.

Maybe you are going to travel as a part of a large group and you have some additional requirements for your future trip, in that case please contact us to discuss directly all details of your transfer.


Resort Open & Closing Dates

Season opening usually depends on snow conditions in Les Pleiades

Season opens: 8th December 2019

Season closes: 19th March 2020


Ski Resort Essentials

Les Pleiades has direct access to 5 individual pistes, served by 5 ski lifts. The skiing is at relatively low altitude, so snow cover can be variable.

  • Resort Altitude – 1360 m
  • 5 pistes (8km length)
  • X-Country Skiing – 20km
  • 5 Ski Lifts
  • Max Vertical – 300m
  • Lowest Piste – 1048 m


Family Friendly/Kids

Perched on the heights of Riviera, the ski resort of Les Pleiades offers various activities related to the practice of winter sports. The Swiss Ski and Snowboard School of the Pleiades always offer lessons for adults and little skiers.

Fans of snowshoes and families enjoying mountain skiing will be delighted.

Several Scandinavian routes also cross beautiful landscapes in a 100% natural setting!


Weather/Snow Weekly Forecast


Maps of Lally sur Blonay/Les Pleiades

Lally sur Blonay/Les Pleiades Piste Map


Live Webcam

Sonchaux: Aire de décollage


Tourist Resources & Links

Before your trip to Les Pleiades we advise you to check out some touristic links to get more information you may need during your stay at the ski resort:


How to Choose Transfers to Lally sur Blonay/Les Pleiades

If you are going to spend your ski holidays at Lally sur Blonay/Les Pleiades, we are at your service, welcome!

Booking your transfer in Alps2Alps is the best way to start your trip.

We specialize in high-quality transfer services to all popular alpine ski resorts and by the lowest possible prices. Choosing us, you choose, above all things, your comfort and your safety, as well as the most attractive price for the ski resort shuttles.

Travel with us to Lally sur Blonay/Les Pleiades and we promise to give you in return:

  • Full commitment to reliability
  • Total punctuality and flexibility in all possible situations
  • Lowest transfer fee throughout the season
  • Special offers and big discounts
  • 24-hour customer service support for your peace of mind
  • Friendly English-speaking drivers with solid local knowledge
  • Safe, clean and comfortable modern vehicles


Book Your Ski Transfer to Lally sur Blonay/Les Pleiades

As it always happens, the best offers for the most popular transfer destinations during peak season are growing very fast, so - hurry up! We always recommend our customers to order a transfer to the ski resort as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointment.

Go on your most memorable vacation right to the Alpine fairy tale with Alps2Alps - order you transfer to Lally sur Blonay/Les Pleiades now!

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