Why use Geneva Airport as a gateway to the Alps

Why use Geneva Airport as a gateway to the Alps

So why use Geneva Airport as a gateway to the Alps? Find out some of the reasons why we think you should fly to Geneva and the choice of ski resorts you have.

As one of the major airports in this part of Europe, Geneva airport is a popular transfer hub and offers a gateway to some of the most popular of all ski resorts in Europe. Less than 5km from Geneva, in Switzerland, this is a location that has a great deal to offer those who enjoy winter sports. Some of the finest skiing in the region can be found within easy reach of the airport, hence the number of airport transfers deals available. It is worth knowing that there are two parts to Geneva airport – one being a French domestic service and the other the Swiss international airport.

Airport transfers at Geneva cover a range of ski resorts that can only be described as comprehensive, and as one of the main transport hubs for Alpine destinations it is very well used. With access to resorts in Switzerland as well as in Italy and France there is plenty of scope for travelling to your chosen destination from Geneva Airport. Be aware that as this is such a widely used airport for transfers there is not just a wealth of competition but it is also very busy, so booking in advance – and searching for the best deal – are both advised.

From Geneva you can find airport transfers to the busy Ski Mont Blanc area, which includes illustrious resorts such as Chamonix and Argentiere, two of the most revered in the region, and also to many of the adjoining ski areas, all of which offer an excellent choice of resorts and facilities that are the equal of any. The Aravis and Portes de Soleil ski regions are within easy reach by Geneva airport transfers and there are many more besides. For those wishing to travel further afield Gstaad, a very popular resort, can be reached by airport transfer while within a short distance of the airport itself is the famous resort of Evian, where mineral water and thermal baths add to your experience.
Many people choose to use the very good public transport and taxi services in the region but it is worth booking an airport transfer service in advance as this gives you a direct journey to your hotel and can save you money, especially if in a group.

A charismatic and wonderful region, the area accessible from Geneva Airport is one of the most impressive of all for lovers of winter sports.

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