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Évian-les-Bains, France, Rhône-Alpes – the place of origin of world famous water Evian


Source: www.evian-tourisme.com This charming French town has more to offer that just fresh, delicious water! Évian-les-Bains or Évian is a commune in the south-eastern part of France, located in the beautiful and famous Rhône-Alpes region right on the shores of stunning Lake Geneva. This mesmerizing little town nowadays has one of the most popular resorts and spa centres in Europe – over the centuries Evian-les-Baines has been well known for its springs which provide the travellers and locals with absolutely delicious, refreshing water

Top 5 small ski resorts in the French Alps


There are plenty of small but amazingly beautiful ski resorts in the French Alps which attract skiers by excellent snow conditions, cosy traditional ambience and stunning landscapes. Small resorts usually have all the facilities their “big brothers” do, are perfect for real peaceful holiday and connected to a bigger, well-known ski areas. Skiing at a lesser known resorts you can take advantage of the number of benefits they provide to its guests. First of all it is price. Smaller resorts

Skiing Resorts To Meet The Royal Family


You never know who you are going to meet on the slopes – your favorite pop-star, an actor or a member of the Royal Family. Royals have always been keen skiers and many regular winter sports lovers saw them hitting the Alpine slopes. If heading to the Alps you are hoping to meet them, here is a list of top 5 choice for skiing holidays to bump into British Royals. Meribel Meribel has always been appealing to anyone who enjoys

Ski And Snowboarding Events To Have Fun In April 2015


Every skiing season our lives are taken over by various ski and snowboard events. Skiers at Alpine ski resorts are overwhelmed by the amount of entertaining activities offered during the ski season. Check out the list of 5 ski and snowboard events to join in April while enjoying your holidays at the popular Alpine resorts. Obergurgl, Austria If you are skiing in the Austrian Alps, you probably know that this is the true place to try a delicious Alpine cuisine

Best Things About Spring Skiing


  If you are a true skier, than your skiing season definitely doesn’t end over winter. For those who want to enjoy the slopes a little bit longer, skiing in March, April and first days of May can become a real escape to snowy paradise. Late season skiing is a popular choice of families with children and those, who prefer less crowded slopes and trails, and just hate waiting on lift lines. In this article we have summarized 5 best

Alpine Resorts To Enjoy Late Season Skiing


  Early spring is one of the best times of the year to hit the Alpine slopes and crave that extra portion of adrenaline before the season ends. Despite warm and sunny spring weather, snow conditions at many Alpine ski resorts remain pretty good and people are heading to the Alps to enjoy late skiing season. Choosing a ski resort to spend your early-April weekend and get the most out of your spring skiing trip, keep in mind that cheap

Fondue Savoyarde Recipe – Classic Apres-Ski Dish in the French Alps


  The Savoie region is one of the most famous and fashionable skiing destinations in France.  Nestled in the heart of the French Alps, the Savoie ski resorts attract winter sports fans and gastronomy lovers to enjoy an outstanding traditional Savoyard dishes and unique French gourmet experience. The food here is rich in traditional ingredients, such as delicious mountain cheese, fresh berries, apples, mushrooms collected in the forests, fresh fishery products, etc. The traditional Savoyard dishes have enough calories to

Top 5 European Heli Ski Destinations


Alps is the most fantastic and charming heli ski destination that attracts hundreds of skiers willing a very unique skiing experience and ready to cross the country borders of France, Italy and Switzerland. The high Alpine terrain offers ski descents that are long and varied. This is a great way to ski long runs, experience more than one country in a short time and enjoy the diverse European culture. Check out a list of top 5 heliski European destinations you

Best Eco-friendly Resorts to Which You Can Get with Alps2Alps Transfer


During the past decades ecotourism has been gaining its popularity among travellers from all countries. It is no surprise, because people want to enjoy their holiday and have fun without harming the environment. To encourage you to try out this way of travelling, we have compiled a list of some of the best eco-friendly resorts to which you can get via Alps2Alps transfers. Read on and find out which is going to be your next holiday destination! Avoriaz, France  

Best Inspiring Snowboard Films

If you are not getting to the slopes this season, or your skiing holidays have already passed but you want to keep the flame burning, take a look at our list of best inspiring snowboarding films. Black Winter. A very exciting and fascinating film about park snowboarding, featuring great snowboarders, such as Torstein Horgmo and Jason Dubois. Includes quite a lot of dangerous scenes, so if you are not a pro, don’t try them at home!  The Ultimate Ride: Shaun