Hiring Skis Vs Flying With Your Own – What’s Cheaper?

Hiring Skis Vs Flying With Your Own – What’s Cheaper?

There are a lot of costs involved in hitting the slopes. It makes sense to do what you can to cut the added expenses. Before travelling to the resort, you’re probably questioning whether it’s best to bring skis with you or rent them. So, what is the cheaper option? We’ve listed the cost of transferring your skis by the airlines flying into Geneva airport, alongside the cost of hiring skis from Alps 2 Alps, so you can see where you’ll get the best deal!

Family of 4 Saves €146 When Hiring Skis with Alps 2 Alps

Before we get into the fine details, we thought we’d share with you a few key points. Here’s some vital info at a glance:

  • Family of 4 saves €146 when hiring skis with Alps 2 Alps (vs flying with their own)
  • Average cost of flying with skis (family of 4) – €322 + tickets + cost of buying skis
  • Family of 4 hiring skis for 7 days costs €176
  • Kids ski free with full paying adult ski rental

ski rental equipment infographic

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There’s More Than Just Flight Costs

If you’re flying with your skis, you need to consider the additional costs and hassle involved too.

First of all, skis are utterly impractical to travel with – it’s never a fun journey when you and your family are trying to navigate a busy terminal with your ski equipment in hand.

Also, the costs we’re mentioning here are only the additional charges from airlines. This doesn’t take into consideration the price of buying the skis in the first place and of course your ticket price.

Ski rental costs far less than the airline charges from most airlines!

kids ski free

Hire Stores Give You Access to the Latest Equipment

If you’re a fan of having the latest equipment, we recommend looking towards hiring skis. Our hire stores will give you access to all the latest season’s equipment – hassle free.

Cost of Hiring Skis with Alps 2 Alps

Hiring your skis from Alps 2 Alps is a stress-free and low cost option. The prices listed below are for hiring a full ski/snowboarding set (including skis/snowboard, boots and helmet). Get your exact ski rental quote here!

Adult Ski Equipment Hire Costs (7 Days)

[table id=2 /]

Child & Teen (14 – 17 years) Ski Equipment Hire Costs (7 Days)

[table id=3 /]

Family of 4 Ski Equipment Hire Costs*

[table id=4 /]

*Based on 2 adult beginners and 2 children under 14.

The Best Quality Equipment with Alps 2 Alps Ski Hire

By hiring your ski equipment from Alps 2 Alps, you’re gaining access to the very latest equipment. Everything you need is here under one roof!

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Cost of Flying to Geneva Airport with Ski Equipment

We take a look at the airlines flying into Geneva Airport and how much they charge for transferring your ski equipment.

[table id=5 /]

British Airways – Additional Baggage Charge

British Airways allows passengers to take sporting equipment as part of (but not in addition to) your free checked baggage allowance. The only charge incurred will be to take more baggage if needed. Larger items (up to 190 x 75 x 65cm) incur an additional charge though this is currently waived by the airline.

You can take ski and snowboarding equipment of up to 190cm in length on British Airways flights as long as it’s packed correctly:

  • Equipment must be within a recognised ski or snowboard bag
  • Ski poles must be packed with skis
  • Boots must be packed separately

If you’re only taking hand baggage (or your checked baggage only includes one bag) you’ll need to pay extra.

EasyJet – €76 Per Person

EasyJet classify skis, boots and snowboards as ‘small sports equipment’. This incurs a charge of €38 per flight when paid online or €48 when done at the airport.

Aer Lingus – €80 Per Person

Sports equipment is subject to a fee of €40 per flight payable online before departure or €50 at the airport on the day of travel. A maximum of one pair of skis, boots and poles can be carried per passenger.

Flybe – €80 Per Person

Flybe charges €40 per ski/snowboarding set per flight. There is a limit to the number of skis/snowboards accepted on flights so booking in advance is recommended.

Jet2.com – €74 Per Person

Ski/snowboards and boots must weigh less than 22kg with a maximum size of 182 x 91cm. Skis and snowboards incur an additional charge of €37 per flight.

Aegean Airlines – €50 Per Person

Aegean Airlines charges a price of €50 per flight for your ski or snowboard equipment. The first piece of checked ski/snowboarding equipment is free as long as it doesn’t exceed the total baggage allowance for your ticket.

Aeroflot – Baggage Allowance

A bag with one pair of skis, one set of poles and a one pair of boots is classified as one item of baggage. This is included in your baggage allowance.

Air Algérie – Baggage Allowance

You may carry sports equipment onto Air Algérie flights if its width + length + height is less than 158cm. Sports equipment must weigh less than 23kg.

Air Baltic – €69.98 Per Person

Basic and premium ticket holders travelling with Air Baltic will have to pay €34.99 per piece of sports equipment per flight if booked directly with the airline provider. This increases to €40 if booked via an agency or ticket office. The charge for adding sport equipment to your flight when at the airport is €60.

Air Berlin – €100 Per Person

Flying to the Alps from Berlin? The price of transferring your skis depends on your type of ticket. For those with an Economy Light ticket, travelling with skis will cost €50 per flight (up to 23kg) or €100 per flight (23kg – 32kg). For those with an Economy Flex ticket, travelling with skis is free (up to 23kg) or €50 per flight (23kg – 32kg). You must add this to your booking up to 30 hours before departure.

Air Canada – Additional Baggage Charge

If you’re travelling from Canada to Geneva, you can fly with skis/poles or snowboard and boots. Though if this means your baggage count exceeds the maximum number of items, you’ll have to pay an additional checked baggage charge.

Air France – Additional Baggage Charge

Ski equipment can be included as standard in your checked baggage and incurs no additional charge (unless travelling on Light or Basic fare tickets). If needed, you can purchase additional baggage. Ensure skis are packaged in a case which doesn’t exceed 300cm in length. Transporting an avalanche airbag (including gas system and pyrotechnic trigger) requires approval from the airline directly.

Air Malta – €60 Per Person

Air Malta charges €30 per ski equipment set per flight (€40 when booked at airport).

Alitalia – Additional Baggage Fee

Sports equipment weighing 23kg or less is considered normal baggage by Alitalia. Anything weighing more than this is given the normal excess baggage fee.

Austrian Airlines – €100 Per Person

Sports equipment is part of your baggage allowance. If it exceeds this allowance, you will be charged €50 per ski/snowboarding equipment set per flight.

Brussels Airlines – €90 Per Person

One set of ski or snowboarding equipment can be taken free of charge on Brussels Airlines except for Check&Go passengers. Check&Go ticket holders are charged €45 per flight if booked in advance, €50 if booked at the airport.

Emirates Airlines – Baggage Allowance

Passengers can travel with ski equipment as part of their normal baggage allowance though additional charges may apply in some circumstances. A set of ski equipment is classified as consisting of one pair of skis, one pair of poles and a pair of boots (or alternatively a snowboard and pair of boots).

Eurowings – Baggage Allowance

There is no charge for transporting ski equipment weighing up to 30kg – maximum of 3 sets per person.

Finnair – Additional Baggage Charge

If you wish to take ski equipment alongside your set baggage allowance, you must pay a standard additional baggage charge.

Helvetic – €70 Per Person

Ski equipment is carried free of charge if within baggage allowance. If baggage allowance is exceeded, you’ll be charged €13.18 per kg up to a maximum of €35.15 per sports bag/set (per flight).

IcelandAir – €78 Per Person

IcelandAir charges €39 per ski set per flight.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – €50 Per Person

If you’re taking ski equipment as well as baggage, you’ll be charged €25 per flight if booking online or €35 at the airport.

LOT Polish Airlines – Additional Baggage Charge

Travelling from Poland to Geneva? You can take ski equipment free of charge as part of your baggage – if you’re taking this in additional to baggage, standard excess baggage fees apply.

Lufthansa – Baggage Allowance

You can take ski or snowboarding equipment for free in addition to your standard baggage allowance.

Lux Air – €100 Per Person

Skis (or snowboard), poles, boots and helmet can be transported in hold for a flat fee of €50 per flight.

Norwegian Airlines – €60 Per Person

Ski and snowboarding equipment can be transported for €26 – €30 per flight if booked online and €36 – €47 when booked at the airport.

Fly SAS – Additional Baggage Charge

Travelling with ski equipment and no additional baggage? There’ll be no additional charge on Fly SAS flights. If you want to take this in addition to your baggage, you’ll have to pay an excess baggage charge which depends on size, weight and flight.

Swiss Airlines – €100 Per Person

Sports equipment is included in your baggage allowance. If you go over this, you’ll be charged €50 per ski or snowboard set.

Sun Express – €30 Per Person

You’ll be charged €15 per flight for transporting your skis with Sun Express.

TAP Portugal – €100 Per Person

Sports equipment is included free in hold baggage allowance. If you’re taking additional baggage, you’ll be charged €50 per flight for a set of skis/snowboard.

Tarom Romanian Air Transport – Additional Baggage Charge

Ski equipment is included in your standard baggage allowance. If taking this in addition to your baggage allowance, you’ll be charged a standard extra baggage fee.

Turkish Airlines – Baggage Allowance

Your first set of skiing/snowboarding are carried free of charge.

Ukraine International Airlines – Additional Baggage Charge

Ski equipment is part of your baggage allowance – if you need additional baggage, you must pay the standard charge.

United Airlines – Additional Baggage Charge

Skis and snowboards are accepted as part of your baggage allowance – additional baggage charges apply if travelling with skis and hold luggage.

W!zz Air – €70 Per Person

You can travel with Skis for an additional sports equipment fee of €30 per flight when booked online or €60 at the airport.

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Alps 2 Alps Ski Hire from Geneva Airport

We have our very own ski hire store just 15 minutes from Geneva airport. If you’re transferring with us from Geneva, we’ll stop off at the ski rental store so you can get the lowest price ski rental on your journey to the resort. We also have plenty of partner ski stores closer to resorts who can assist you if you need to change your equipment for any reason.

Book your transfer here & then head to our ski rental section to select and book your equipment.

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