Types of Ski Accommodation Explained: From Chalets to Hostels

Types of Ski Accommodation Explained: From Chalets to Hostels

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There are many different types of ski accommodation. The place you choose to stay will have a huge impact on the type of ski holiday you enjoy. So, we thought we’d give you a run-through of the various apartments, chalets, hotels and hostels you’re likely to find in a ski resort. This way, you can pick the option best suited to you. Here’s everything you need to know.

Ski Chalets

Catered ski chalets are a tried and tested staple of the Alpine ski resort scene. If you’re heading away in a large group of friends or with family, these can be a great place to base your holiday.

Ski chalets vary massively in size, shape and quality. Here are some of the most common types:

Standard Ski Chalets

Ski chalets are an ideal option if you’re looking for a sociable and relaxed atmosphere after a day’s powder. If you want to stay in a chalet, you don’t have to travel with a large group of friends. If you do choose to stay with strangers, it’s worth building some form of bond from the outset. If you don’t get on, breakfast together can be a little awkward.

Most chalets come catered with their own team of hosts and chefs. It’s worth looking for reviews and testimonials before you go. The service you receive can be a big make or break moment for your holiday.

Small / Individual Chalets

The majority of chalets are better suited for large groups or families. If you look in the right places, you’ll find some more personal options. The smaller chalet options are ideal for romantic couple retreats. They can either be free-standing or laid out like apartments, often with a handful of staff ready to make your stay memorable.

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Childcare Chalets

If you’ve got young children, this is certainly an option worth considering. These chalets come with their own nurseries and childcare. They’ll even have specific playrooms just for the kids. If you’re going skiing as a family but still fancy a bit of breathing space, this could be the perfect option for you.

This type of chalet is usually offered by reputable local childcare companies meaning the standard of care is often very high. This type of accommodation allows you to take children not yet old enough to ski on their first trip to the mountains. They’re often more expensive than standard chalets and certainly need booking far in advance.

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Luxury Ski Chalets

If you’re looking for class, style and 5 star service to match, luxury ski chalets are the option for you. You’ll find these indulgent accommodation options in most Alpine resorts. They’re swiftly growing in popularity though they don’t come cheap. If you’re thinking about this option, we’d recommend going in a large group to share the price

Most luxury chalets come with hosts, chefs and staff who have trained for years to deliver the very highest standard of care. If you get the chance to experience this style of ski accommodation, we highly recommend it – it’s not something that’s easily forgotten.

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Ski Hotels

Alike chalets, there are numerous different types of ski hotels. It’s worth having a think about which works best for you. It’s important to shop around when it comes to booking your hotel. Check the reviews and find out what other people think. Not every type of hotel will suit your circumstances.

Bed & Breakfasts

If you’re after a bargain, this is a great option for your ski holiday. Cheap and cheerful, you may not get 5 star service but you’ll save some cash in an enjoyable setting. A lot of the B&Bs or guesthouses in the Alps offer a warm, homely feel that’ll keep you feeling comfortable.

Small / Family-Run Hotels

The majority of hotels in the Alps will be relatively small and family run. These are often enjoyable and cheery places to spend your trip. Don’t expect to stay in luxury but these types of hotel are often well kept and clean.

Chalet Hotels

Chalet hotels are a hybrid type of accommodation which can sometimes be difficult to define. It can be a large chalet that’s become a hotel or a hotel that’s been given a more chalet style vibe. This slight ambiguity can bemuse first time travellers. Be sure to do the full research on the chalet hotel you’re planning to visit and know what you’re getting in to.

Chalet hotels offer some favourable features. First of all, you’ll see some pretty large rooms often with en-suite bathrooms. You’ll probably notice numerous bars which are ideal for the social scene. Also, you can usually keep to yourself at meal times if you’re not inclined to join the large shared tables.

Child Friendly Club-Hotels

This type of hotel is perfect for anyone travelling with kids. These types of hotels are usually run by a tour operator who offer in-house childcare. The kids get new friends, plush child-friendly rooms and dedicated activities. It’s also perfect for parents who want the occasional break to relax or socialise with other parents.

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Luxury Hotels

The service you’ll receive in the top level of luxury hotels in the Alps is unparalleled. These are often impeccable and will cater to your every need. Expect extraordinary rooms, immediate assistance at your request, spas, high quality food and an experience that won’t easily be outdone.

It’s certainly a formal setting but the best options aren’t stuffy or uncomfortable. You may even be rubbing shoulders with celebs.


Airbnb is rising in popularity in the Alps. You may be able to stay in someone’s apartment while on your trip. These are often reasonably priced and give your ski holiday an intriguing base of operations.

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Self-Catered Apartments

You can pay as much or as little for self-catered apartments as you want. The problem is, some of these can get seriously cramped and uncomfortable. It’s important to know what you’re getting into before you book. If you’re a first timer, we’d recommend giving this a miss.

There are some seriously plush self-catered apartments but you do need to look in the right places if you’re going to find them.


This option is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. If however, you’re looking for somewhere cheap to rest your head while you’re hitting the slopes – hostels can be a godsend. Best suited for young travellers or those starting out as seasonaires, hostels bring a sociable and fun atmosphere. If you’re visiting the resort alone, hostels can be a great way of meeting new people.

How Are You Getting to the Resort?

So now you’ve got an idea of where you’re staying, now it’s time to think about how you’re actually getting to the resort. At Alps 2 Alps, we’re the lowest cost airport transfer provider offering reliability, safety and excellence service. All our vehicles are fully equipped for winter conditions and comply with necessary local/insurance requirements. Find out more an book your ski transfer with Alps 2 Alps here.

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