Saving a Packet on French Alps Ski Transfers

Saving a Packet on French Alps Ski Transfers

Travellers heading for a ski holiday to the French Alps often think that once their flights are taken care of, the bulk of their travel expenses are taken care of. However, there are dozens of instances every day when this proves not to be the case at all for one simple reason – they haven’t factored in their resort transfers upon arrival at Geneva Airport…or Chambery, Lyon, Grenoble, Turin or anywhere else, for that matter.

The trouble is, some assume that a transfer fee is a transfer fee and there is largely nothing they can do to keep costs down. During certain times of the year, certain providers bump up their prices so much that the flights themselves begin to look like absolute bargains.

However, the good news is that even with the most affordable transfer services in the industry today serving the major airports around the French Alps, there are ways and means by which enormous savings can be made with a little cunning and flexibility. Alps2Alps Transfers for examples offers discounts reaching as high as 50%, depending on the nature, duration and timing of transfer services.

Consider the following when making a booking:


Inevitably, the seasons will always have a massive impact on the prices you can expect to pay to get from Geneva, Chambery and so on to any and every resorts across the French Alps. Opting for the queiter times in late January to early February for example when there are no specific holidays can see prices tumble extensively, to an extent that could influence the trip as a whole. Conversely, the Christmas period is truly magical in the French Alps, though transfers and all other costs are usually at their highest.

Group Bookings

If looking to make a booking for a group or family with around eight or more members, chances are savings could be made by upgrading to a private transfer service. Once numbers reach eight or so, the combined ticket price begins to exceed that of a fully private vehicle – so why not arrive in style for less? And the bigger the group, the lower the price each person pays – always ask about group deals.

Midweek Deals

Midweek tends to be one of the quieter times at both the airports and the resorts of the Frenc Alps, therefore try and time an arrival and departure between Monday and Friday to pocket some excellent discounts. Referring to Alps2Alps Transfers again, discounts as high as 50% are sometimes on offer simply for avoiding the weekends – adding up to considerably overall savings.

Red eye Services

And as with airlines, if you’re willing to deal with a little sleepiness and make tracks during antisocial hours, the reward will be savings which again can top 50% or more. In addition, travelling either later at night or very early in the morning guarantees the quietest roads and thus the fastest and smooth journey, with comfortable, quiet coaches offering every opportunity to catch a few Zs.

Repeat Booking

Last but not least, loyalty should always be rewarded and therefore anyone looking to book several outbound and return transfers over a short period of time should ask about the incentives to do so. Even the smallest discount per trip can add up to a huge difference over time – it never hurts to ask!


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