Shorter Transfers = Fewer Tantrums

Shorter Transfers = Fewer Tantrums

What the vast majority of families taking their little ones away on holiday for the first, sometimes the twelfth time fail to realise is that it isn’t the bulk of the journey that’s the killer, but rather the resort transfers. Indeed, getting to Geneva airport is only half of the battle…maybe less.

There are however a few golden rules for keeping the peace, with one in particular guaranteed to breed family harmony and fewer tantrums.

Once kids get past a certain age, chances are they’ll be so unbelievably thrilled with flying and riding the rails that most of the journey takes care of itself. Sadly, touch down on the other side, load them into a bus for a few hours and chances are you’ll be looking for the mute-button they sadly aren’t born with.

Now, this has the potential to be particularly problematic with certain ski holidays as you’ll also have to factor in the logistics of getting a whole heap of equipment and clothing wherever it is you’re going. Needless to say, this is no time to be taking chances with a rather questionable transport provider and his/her cold, damp and rusted buses from the 60s, so step one is to vet the resort transfer company in terms of quality and family friendliness.

What you’re looking for is a transport provider that actually makes the effort to boast about its family-friendliness and tells you in real-life scenarios what it means by this. Some consider family-friendly to mean throwing a pack of peanuts out once every hour or two, while others will stop at nothing to keep tantrums at bay…the choice is yours.

An obvious no-brainer is the old favourite of bringing along toys, treats and Lord knows what else to reward every few minutes of so they manage to hold onto their temper and not make everyone else’s life a nightmare. This has the potential to work, but you can only buy their favour for so long and chances are it might get expensive.

So, what’s the aforementioned ace in the hole for tantrum-free ski transfers?

Simple – make them as short as possible.

Take advantage of the fact that Geneva airport is within proverbial spitting distance of some of the most amazing and expansive ski resorts in the world, cutting transfer times down to minimal durations even the most trying of kids could cope with.

For example, 95 km of runs are on offer at Le Grand Bornand just 50 minutes or so from the airport, Saint Gervais is little over an hour away with 235 km of ski areas and the incredible resort of Megeve can be reached in about 70 minutes – why spend hours wrestling with grumpiness on a bus when some of the world’s best are so close to hand?

As usual, the best advice is to get in touch with a top-end ski transfer service operating from Geneva airport and taking their advice on where and when the most convenient and tantrum free family services are run. There’s really nothing good to come from spoiling the beginning and end of a holiday with unpleasant and unnecessarily long transfers, nor is there any need to.


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