Demanding More from Geneva Airport Ski Resort Transfers

Demanding More from Geneva Airport Ski Resort Transfers

There was a time in the not so distant past when the idea of Geneva Airport resort transfer service conjured up images of nothing more than clapped out, cold, worn and uncomfortable buses that really should have been retired decades ago. In fact, some would argue that in a historical sense, the resort transfers to their final French Alps destinations were perhaps the most unpleasant experiences of the trip as a whole.

Mercifully, times have changed to say the least. Nowadays, professionals, amateurs and families alike are simply unwilling to be herded around like cattle and charged a lofty premium for the privilege, which has forced airport transfer services to up the ante to say the least. That being said, there are still dozens of antiquated service providers doing their bidding across Geneva, Grenoble, Lyon, Chambery and beyond, therefore it’s really up to the traveller to make sure they expect and demand more when making a booking.

Take Alps2Alps Transfers for example – this is one transfer provider that has set about redefining standards for the 21st century and making every effort to ensure ski resort transfers become a desirable part of the holiday. Old stereotypes and clichés have been cleared to make room for amazing conveniences and comfort – you really shouldn’t be willing to accept less than the following from any French Alps resort transfer provider:

  • Low Prices – Not just low, but guaranteed low prices that will never be undercut by a comparable service. Whether shared or private, be sure to establish whether or not the transport provider stands by its fee structure.
  • Licensing – A no-brainer but so often overlooked, it is never a bad idea to check whether or not the transfer service is fully licensed – ideally BEFORE making a booking.
  • Round the Clock Service – Travel hiccups can and will happen, which makes it so infuriating when you’re already running late and your chosen provider has closed for business for the next 12 hours or so. Always look for those offering 24/7 customer support to cover all bases.
  • Personable – Gone are the days of accepting rude, surly and ignorant drivers as a simple part of the standard international vacation – manners cost nothing and form an intrinsic part of the service today…period.
  • Family Friendly – This doesn’t mean simply allowing kids on the service in the first place, but rather carrying extensive experience in helping families along with the kids and equipment get to their final resorts in the French Alps stress and tantrum-free.
  • English Speakers – It doesn’t help anyone if the busload of travellers and the driver cannot communicate a single word to each other, therefore be sure to ask whether or not staff have at least a moderate grasp of the English language to avoid problems further down the line.
  • Vehicles – It isn’t picky to demand that a transfer service uses only the finest, most comfortable and reliable vehicles with Wi-Fi and whatnot as standard – it‘s almost 2013, after all.
  • Knowledgeable – Last but not least, who remembers the transfer drivers who get to where they’re going just fine but look at you like excrement if you ask them for any local information, or even the weather? Too many of us, so be sure to demand a service that offers knowledgeable and accommodating staff and drivers that are in the business because they want to help, not because they have to.



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