Geneva Airport Transfers – Advanced Bookings FAQ

Geneva Airport Transfers – Advanced Bookings FAQ

There are dozens of questions that really need to be clarified before confidently heading off to Geneva Airport and hopping on a transfer service – the following should help clarify some of the key pointers for those that have booked in advance.

Where Will the Drive Meet Us or Pick Us Up?

Upon arrival at Geneva Airport, the driver or a representative will be clearly visible in the arrivals area. If a private transfer service has been booked, the driver will be present personally with a sign carrying the name of the person for whom the reservation was made. If the booking has been made for a shared service, it will be easy to see the representative or driver by looking for the transfer company name in the arrivals hall.

What Happens in the Case of a Flight Delay?

All resort transfer drivers and businesses should keep a close eye on any delays concerning passengers that have pre-booked. Should a flight be delayed to a minor extent and contain a large number of pre-booked passengers, the service may wait until it arrives. However, if the service is already largely full or the delayed service will not be arriving for hours, it will depart and arrangements made for a later transfer of the remaining passengers on arrival. If possible, always make contact with your chosen service provider upon learning of any delays.

What If We Cannot Find the Representative or Driver?

You should be able to find a person in the Arrivals hall at all times, but just in case of exceptional circumstances you should take along the emergency contact number offered by your transfer provider. You should not accept any service that doesn’t cover you day or night in case of problems.

How Long Before the Transfer Sets Off from Geneva Airport?

For those that have booked private transfers, the vehicle will set off the very moment you get on board. However, if a shared transfer has been booked, then the bus will leave once the manifest has been completed, which in most instances can take up to an hour but no more than two hours. This is to allow ample time for other flights to make their booked services.

How Long do the Transfers Take?

This depends entirely on the resort you are going to and the number of stops the service is scheduled to make along the way – please check specifics before making a booking. However, transfer times can be minimised by travelling at off-peak times, including evenings, early morning and weekdays. Due to inevitable congestion on the roads, it can sometimes take up to double the standard journey time if travelling during the busiest periods of the year.

Can I Arrange Pickup from Anywhere Else?

If you are looking to book a private transfer, then you may be able to request a different pickup location at the discretion of the provider and assuming it is safe to do so. However, if opting for an organised shared transfer, you will have to join the service at the same designated place at Geneva Airport as everyone else.


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