Group Ski Holidays – Airport Transfer Options

Group Ski Holidays – Airport Transfer Options

Each year, thousands of group travellers from the UK hit Geneva Airport on their way to the ski holidays and each year without fail, thousands also wonder what on Earth is the best idea for them in terms of getting from the airport to the end resorts. So, if among the masses still thinking about the best course of action to take this time around, consider the following guide the simplest and most concise on the four options available to you:

Car Hire

Always popular as a group choice and one that can certainly be affordable if everyone chips in. Car hire gives you the freedom to go as and when you like, travel at your own pace and of course gives huge privacy, which is another big bonus. Sadly however there are a few drawbacks, which begin with how dangerous it can be to drive on icy mountain roads without a ton of prior experience. What’s more, you also have to factor in the cost of the car on the days you won’t be using it, plus the designated driver will be unable to partake of the local tipples on journey days and could face quite a deal of stress.

Coach Transfers Without Booking

It’s always more than possible to get from Geneva Airport to any resort across the French Alps without a booking, even if turning up a large group. The benefit of doing so is knowing you are not restricted to a timescale, but the downside is queuing at the desks when you arrive, paying over the odds and being hassled by a thousand and one touts looking to take you for every penny you’ve got.

Reserved Shared Coach Transfers

The opposite of the above is to pre-book in advance, which although may not offer the same flexibility in the case of some providers will more than make up for this with savings and peace of mind. Not only will your seats and journeys be 100% guaranteed, but there will be no unnecessary delays and savings of up to 50% can be made compared to the price of buying tickets on the day. These shared transfers are known to wait for up to an hour in the arrivals building for other passengers to arrive and so are no always to the most prompt to set off, but are cheap, reliable, comfortable and readily available for groups of all sizes.

Private Vehicles

Last but not least – perhaps even the most preferred option of all – private vehicles can prove to be not only the most desirable option for groups, but also the cheapest by far. Depending on the time and date of the transfer, the size of the group and the provider chosen, on a per-person basis it can work out hugely cheaper to hire a private luxury vehicle than go with the above shared option. However, such services must always be booked long in advance of the journey itself and only with those willing to offer special deals and discounts for group bookings.


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