How to Look Good Skiing

How to Look Good Skiing

When on the slopes, we all want to look like pros.

Even after the lessons, everyone looks like a beginner for far longer than they’d like.  To help you avoid this, we’ve put together our tips on how to look good skiing.

Carry Your Skis Correctly

There’s nothing more of an eyesore than someone who doesn’t know how to carry their skis properly.

One of the first things instructors teach you is how to carry your skis. Although, if you skipped skiing lessons, you may not know this.

Among the hordes of skiers, there’s someone ruining the landscape: you! If you forget that your skis have bindings to keep them together. Make sure both bases face each other!

Over the shoulder seems to be the preferred method of holding skis among professional-types. It certainly looks a bit sleeker than bundling them up in your arms.

All the Gear with Some Idea

Is there anything more annoying than someone who acts like they know what they’re doing, but is wearing their gear completely wrong?

First things first, the right fitting boots are essential when on the slopes. Make sure they’re done up! While this sounds simple, it’s forgotten far too often. Boots help prevent the injuries and falls that go hand in hand with making skiers look ridiculous.

If you really want to look good skiing, make sure you avoid the space between your helmet and your goggles. There should be no gap!

Not only is this more aesthetically-pleasing, but it will help prevent sun-burnt foreheads. So, it’s a win-win for anyone trying to look like a pro!

Learn to Walk Properly

Your ski boots were made for walking! Not walking like an astronaut, though.

If you’re wondering how to look good skiing, learn how to walk. Ski boots can feel alien, even to professionals, but the trick is not to show it.

Fall with Style

Everyone falls, it’s just a fact.

But, you can quickly tell the professionals from the beginners by the way they fall. If you want to look good skiing, take falling in your stride.

Don’t lay spread out in the snow making a fuss. Getting up in one is advisable for looking good! The best skiers know how to fall safely, and think even when not on their feet.


how to look good skiing


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Hang on to your Poles

Put your hand through the loops and then hold the pole. You’d think this would be an obvious one!

Putting your hand through the loop also makes you safer for others around you, as you’re less likely to let go of your poles in a fall.

Dropping your poles constantly will hinder your efforts to look good skiing.

Learn the Lingo

An important step in looking like a pro is learning the proper lingo. Poles should never be referred to as sticks!

Do you know the difference between wipe out and white out? Try not to get these confused!

Make sure you get up to date with the local skiing language to show people you know what you’re doing.

Master the Ski Lift

Even for those of us who have been skiing since children, the ski lift is a natural enemy.

The trick is to let the ski lift do most of the work. Don’t fully sit down! Rather, lean against it gently. In the question of how to look good skiing, using the ski lift properly is a must.

Be prepared for the end of the ski lift! There’s nothing more unprofessional than an ill-judged dismount.

Also, avoid running over other people’s skis in the lift queue. This is simply common courtesy.

Do Some Practice Exercises

Before you embark on your ski adventure, try preparing your body for the sudden shock of the slopes.

Squats and lunges are a great way to get your body ready. Also, these exercises should help you perfect your tuck – making you look better while skiing!

Doing some cardio beforehand is also a good idea. Being out of breath on a nursery slope will not help you look professional!

Always Act Confident

When cheating your way to looking like a pro on the slopes, the key is to exude confidence at all times.

Stay positive, keep a smile on your face and laugh off the falls. Fake it till you make it!

If you’re trying to get your kids into skiing, acting like you know what you’re doing will help them feel at ease, as well as yourself.

However, there’s a fine line between confident and arrogant. Don’t show off! This will not help you in your quest to look good skiing.


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