Best Inspiring Snowboard Films

Best Inspiring Snowboard Films

If you are not getting to the slopes this season, or your skiing holidays have already passed but you want to keep the flame burning, take a look at our list of best inspiring snowboarding films.

  1. Black Winter.

A very exciting and fascinating film about park snowboarding, featuring great snowboarders, such as Torstein Horgmo and Jason Dubois. Includes quite a lot of dangerous scenes, so if you are not a pro, don’t try them at home!

  1.  The Ultimate Ride: Shaun White

The film tells the story about legendary American snowboarder, who won many competitions at a young age. In this film Shaun White, two-time Olympic gold medalist and snowboard superstar, hits the mountains of Japan. Beautiful sceneries, music and plot.

  1.  Let it Ride snowboard documentary

A fantastic and inspiring film, telling the story of Craig Kelly, a snowboarder and back country rider. If you are a true snowboarder, this is the movie you will definitely like. Besides Craig Kelly, other stars include Jake Burton and Tom Sims.

  1. Deeper

One of the most progressive big mountain snowboarding films. It’s about Jeremy Jones, taking snowboarding to a whole new level. Great scenes and spectacular mountain views in Chamonix, Utah and Alaska. Crazy ski lines and untracked powder accompanied by great music…

  1. That’s it That’s all

A must-see film for those, who are crazy snowboarding fans. The film instantly grabs your attention and is full of fantastic action scenes. The riders featured in the film include Travis Rice, Nicolas Muller, Terje Hakonsen, Jeremy Jones and John Jackson.

  1. First Descent

This is a film that can be watch again and again. One of the greatest documentaries, presenting the story of snowboarding by 5 world-known snowboarders who are taken to the mountains  of Alaska for some outrageous “Big Mountain” rides. The snowboarders featured in the film are Shaun White, Hannah Teter, Terje Haakonsen, Shawn Farmer and Nick Perata. They represent four generations of snowboarders and the progress this young sport has made over the past two decades.


  1. Vivid

“Vivid” is a movie with plenty of extreme moments that will make you open your mouth. This is a truly amazing co-work of producers, riders and camera crew who made this film possible. Riders featured in the film include Jeremy Jones and Travis Rice. This breakthrough film includes impossible new camera angles that let you tag along within high-fiving distance of some of the best riders on the planet.



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