How to Pass the Time on Geneva Ski Resort Transfer

How to Pass the Time on Geneva Ski Resort Transfer

Let’s face it, there comes a time in every journey with the family when conversation dries up, initial excitement begins to subside and everyone basically shares the same prayer to get to the resort and get on the slopes as fast as possible. It would also probably be fair to say that this stage usually kicks in close to the time of arrival at Geneva Airport, which can then make the on-going resort transfer quite the ordeal – particularly where hyperactive kids are concerned.

Believe it or not however, there are in fact several ways of keeping everyone entertained for a good few hours at least which have nothing to do with DVDs, video games or the rest of the things you’re glad to get the kids away from for a while. So, if looking to go really old school, try out a few of the following on the bus from Geneva and see how you fare:

Alphabet Game – A to Z

A classic journey game if ever there was one, which involves starting at the letter “A” and taking it in turns to spot something inside or outside the bus to correspond with every letter of the alphabet one after the other. Sounds simple, but you’d be amazed how blank your mind goes when you’re thinking so hard – just try not to be the once that gets the “X”!

Spot the Mullet

If Europe is famous for nothing else it is the array of “vintage” and downright hilarious hairstyles on the persons of thousands of people who seem to have been frozen in time in the 80s. So, why not get the whole family involved in trying to spot the most bewilderingly humorous hairstyle from a time gone by? One tip – confine this game to people you see through the windows outside the bus to avoid offending your fellow passengers.

Bus Journey Bingo – random items

Before setting off, fill a sheet of paper with an array of objects, animals, shapes and pretty much anything you can think of. Get the kids to peer out of the windows looking to complete their Bus Journey Bingo sheets and you might just keep them quiet ‘til arrival – especially if you involve a little prize.

Number Plate Names – Describe Driver

Next, let imaginations run wild with the number plate game, which is where you take the letters on any number plate you see and use them to form a description of the driver. So for example, the letters “A, B, F, M” could become “A Big Fat Mexican” while “L, W, B, B” could be “Lady With Big….” You get the idea.

Celeb lookalikes

Limited scope perhaps, but offer points and rewards to anyone that can spot someone inside or outside the bus that looks like a famous person. Chances are you won’t see many, but it’s a good way of keeping the peace for a short while at least.

Pull my finger

Enjoy to your heart’s content when off the bus and in your own company, but please, not in public.


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