Is Your Ski Transfer Service Insured, Licensed and Legit?

Is Your Ski Transfer Service Insured, Licensed and Legit?

You’d think in this day and age that the concept of an unlicensed or downright illegal Geneva Airport transfer service would be outdated and void, but you’d be wrong. Not that it is just Geneva Airport that suffers from the problem, as travel to any major transport and transfer hub from London to Hong Kong and you’ll see dozens, maybe even hundreds of illegitimate transport providers doing what they can to hoodwink and swindle holidaymakers by the thousand.

The trouble is, and particularly when dealing with the icy and treacherous roads of the French Alps, any driver, vehicle or service that is not up to par in every way constitutes a frankly enormous danger to anyone unlucky enough to find themselves in their company. And what’s more, even if the unthinkable doesn’t happen there is still an extreme possibility of being ripped off and taken for a ride in more ways than one.

As such, which there’s nothing to gain from assuming everyone is out to get you, it is nonetheless extremely important to be willing to check out any given Geneva Airport ski transfer service before making a booking.

Be on the lookout for the following:


Taken for granted and therefore so often overlooked, it is quite terrifying how many Airport Transfer services are operating without the appropriate licenses. From drivers piloting buses with standard car licenses only to those using international licenses that simply aren’t valid and right through to those that have never held any kind of license period, all operators should actively display and inform of their licenses meaning that the traveller shouldn’t really have to ask. In addition, the license must also include permission to carry passengers in a commercial sense.


Another point of huge importance to consider is that of the level of insurance the transfer provider carries. Some are insured up to the eyeballs and some carry no insurance whatsoever – fall for the latter and if anything goes wrong or goes missing then chances are you won’t have a leg to stand on. What’s more, insurance should be seen as one of the most basic and important means by which to reassure travellers and therefore again should be made no secret of when making a booking. If you have any difficulty in assessing whether or not they are insured, chances are they aren’t.


All viable transfer companies the world over keep safety records and all should be willing to speak of their pasts, assuming of course they have nothing to hide. And it isn’t just a matter of how many accidents or disastrous crashes might have occurred, but also how reliable the vehicles have proven when tackling harsh driving conditions like those of the French Alps. It’s also a good idea to look into the guarantees they offer and contingencies should anything go awry.


Last but not least, there is an industry standard price for every Geneva Airport transfer to every resort across the French Alps – this must be used as a benchmark when checking out the options. Anything over the top is inexcusable profiteering, while those offering bewildering lows could prove to be just as risky  – apply a little common sense and opt for a happy medium.


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