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Chambery Airport to Val-d’Isere Transfers

A transfer booking from Chambery Airport to Val-d’Isere will ensure that you reach the resort safely and with ease, as well as eliminate the concerns of planning your own transportation.  

Below you will find everything you need to know about your journey from the airport to the resort, and some important information regarding the quality of Alps2Alps’ transfer service.


Transfers from Chambery Airport to Val-d’Isere

Usually, transfers from Chambery Airport to Val-d’Isere will take approximately 2 hours 30 minutes, factoring in time, weather, traffic and road conditions.

Val-d’Isere is one of the world's finest ski resorts, so if you’re looking to travel during peak season, be prepared to encounter some heavy traffic and long waiting times.

Alps2Alps  is determined to make sure you’re comfortable throughout your transfer. We highly recommend travelling midweek to shorten your journey time and guarantee more time on the slopes.


Route Details, Issues & Alternatives

Chambery Airport is the closest Airport to the resort.

  • The direct route will usually pass via national road N90.

  • Head to Route de l'aéroport towards D1201 (Voglans).

  • Take the A43/E70 motorway to Albertville.

  • Continue on A43/E70, A430 and N90 towards D1090 (Bourg-Saint-Maurice).

  • Remain on D1090 and take D902 up to Val-d’Isere.

Always ask your driver about the best route possible.  If there are bad weather conditions, allow some extra time for your transfer.


What to Do En-Route

If you wish to stop at any stage of the trip to stretch your legs or have a cup of tea, we will happily accommodate it.

There are numerous supermarkets on your way to Val-d’Isere. You can find everything you need: some snacks for the journey, food, and drinks. You can also buy some ski essentials!  

This may be worthwhile since products at the supermarket tend to be cheaper than at the resort.

During the transfer, your route will bring you close to the beautiful alpine Lake Annecy, surrounded by the extraordinary mountains rising up from the distance. This massive lake is famous for being one of Europe's cleanest waters so make sure you have your camera ready!

Renting skis? Don’t wait until you reach the resort; pick them up on your way! We have ski rental shops in Albertville (45 minutes from Chambery Airport) so you can grab your equipment en-route and get straight into the action.

Find more information about our ski rental offer below.


Journey Altitude

It is important to know that your journey from Chambery Airport to Val-d’Isere will take you to a very high altitude. This may present some difficulties to some visitors.

Chambery Airport is located at an altitude of approximately 235 meters, while the highest lift in Val-d’Isere has an altitude of 3450 meters. This can cause mild discomfort in some people. Nausea, headaches and dizziness are all potential symptoms of a change in the air pressure. Young children are at a particular risk of feeling unwell.

The air pressure change combined with steep, serpentine roads can be difficult for some people. If needed, ask your driver to lower the temperature in the vehicle to help you feel more comfortable.

On the bright side, if you are feeling particularly unwell, the unbelievable mountain scenery of Val-d’Isere can be the perfect medicine for you. Distract yourself by taking out your camera and capturing a few beautiful and iconic moments on your journey.


The Ski Resort

Val-d’Isere’s ski area offers high quality, snow-sure slopes for everyone, starting with the beginner nursery slopes and ending with the epic off-piste riders. Val-d’Isere is also considered to be one of Europe’s highest altitude resorts (2500m). The village’s high altitude provides an impressive snow cover all season long.

The resort is part of the popular Espace Killy ski area and is made up of three main areas: Le Fornet (up the valley towards Italy), ‘Val Village’ (in the centre) and La Daille (down the valley, closest to Tignes).

Your ski pass will give you access to approximately 300km of downhill skiing, with 154 individual pistes, combined with 87 ski lifts. Whatever your level of experience, Val d’Isere has a large variety on offer for absolutely everyone.

Find out more about Val-d’Isere here.


Chambery Airport Transfers (CMF)

Chambery Airport is located approximately 5km from the city centre. During high season, crowds of winter sports enthusiasts gather here in droves. We strongly recommend that you book your ski transfer in advance to avoid an unnecessary waiting time.

Flying with your own skis? Find out how much the airlines flying to Chambery Airport will charge you.

You can find more information about your flight to Chambery Airport here.


How Much Will Your Transfer from Chambery Airport to Val-d’Isere Cost?

At Alps2Alps, we want to offer amazing quality transfers to every ski resort in the Alps.

To make this affordable, we tend to take a transparent approach to our pricing structure. We always take a number of factors into consideration when calculating our quotes. These include:

  • Your journey

  • The number of people travelling

  • The day and time in which you travel

  • Any discounts that may be available

When calculating fares, we start with our standard price and then reduce it based on the aforementioned factors. This dynamic approach guarantees that we only reduce our prices, and never increase them.

Pricing is also affected by vehicle availability, transfer schedule, vehicle utilisation and any other additional costs (such as road tolls and parking charges).


Midweek Transfers

If you want to lower your costs, spend less time in traffic jams and avoid large crowds, we highly recommend that you travel during the midweek. A midweek transfer can cut your costs by up to 60%.

More discounts are available for travelling off-season and off-peak. Travelling during the off-peak season can mean better deals, cheap flights and cheap hotels.

Visit our website for more information. 


Alps 2 Alps Ski Rental – Kids Ski Free

When travelling from Chambery Airport, we also offer low-cost ski rentals. A rental store is situated 45 minutes away from the airport. Our driver will pick you up from the airport and take you to the rental store so you can your equipment fitted before arriving at the resort.

Alps2Alps have many service points across the Alps. Getting the right equipment isn’t always easy but we think it’s essential. If your equipment doesn’t fit you, then you can exchange it with minimal fuss.

What’s even better, your child’s ski rental comes free as long as they’re accompanied by a full paying adult, so take advantage of this fantastic opportunity right now!

Book your ski rental with your transfer now!


Book Your Transfer

Booking your transfer is fast, easy and totally stress-free! The easiest way to do it is online, but we can also be contacted via email or phone.

Booking online takes less than 5 minutes and we will process your booking immediately. If your chosen service or destination isn’t available, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do everything we can to assist you.

Head to our booking page to get a real-time quote within seconds.