Geneva Airport to Les Gets Transfers

Transfers from Geneva to Les Gets is meant to be for you if you’re looking for a fairy tale family or couple holiday in a picturesque and charming French village. Let Alps 2 Alps transfers take care of your journey. We know that all you need is zero fuss and fully reliable transfer service provider. Take a journey with us like many others and assure yourself a valuable transfer experience.

Here’s some more you’ll want to know about this route.

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Transfers from Geneva to Les Gets

Transfers from Geneva Airport to Les Gets will take 1 hour 15 minutes when there are a perfect road and weather conditions. Short transfer time is attractive to many but it’s good to be prepared for delays in case of unpleasant road conditions and the volume of traffic. That last mostly depends on when you’re choosing to travel because it’s a well-known fact that the alpine region motorways can get very busy in the ski resort peak season.

Midweek travelling will be your answer on how to guarantee yourself more time on the slopes. We highly suggest choosing midweek transfer to get the best deals for your holiday.


Route Details, Issues & Alternatives

The standard route will bring you through Geneva- Saint Julien en Genevois- Archamps- Vetraz Monthoux- Bonneville- Cluses- Taninges- Les Gets.

The second option to choose could be a route Geneva- Saint Julien en Genevois – Archamps- Vetraz Monthoux- Fillinges- Saint Jeoire- Taninges- Les Gets.

The third option would be to make a curve towards the north and follow the south side of the Lake Geneva. This route would bring you via Geneva- Douvaine- Thonon les Bains- La Vernaz- Montriond- Les Gets. All 3 routes can be a good choice for your journey. Be sure our team will choose the best for your reservation taking all the road conditions in mind.


What to Do En-Route

Transfer from Geneva Airport to Les Gets ski resort can be an easy, stress-free and short drive. It could be a good idea to include a stop at the supermarket when leaving Geneva Airport if that’s one of your requirements.

If there is a need to make a stop on the way, please ask the driver to do that and be sure that our drivers will always assist with your requirements en-route.

The Journey is a great opportunity to disconnect from all daily routine and prepare yourself to fully enjoy your days off. Take your camera and start to make memories!

We’re offering to bring you our Alps 2 Alps ski rental shop to prepare all the necessary for your arrival at the resort. Sounds good, doesn’t it?!


Journey Altitude

When travelling through high altitudes, it’s often possible to experience the altitude sickness. When travelling with family it would be preferable to take this in mind and to have some refreshments with you that may help you and your children feel better. It’s known that the elderly and the children are especially prone to feel unwell.

The symptoms can be nausea, vomiting, headache, fatigue and other symptoms depending on the physical condition of each individual.

Feel free to inform our drivers about your state of health at all times and ask for some adjustments that could help. If you need to make a stop, that’ll be done for you.


Les Gets Ski Resort

Les Gets ski resort is situated at an altitude of 1173m. This is a marvellous place to go with the whole family and enjoy wide and safe slopes for beginners and intermediates as this ski resort is tended exactly on families.

The festive season is a perfect treat for kids there in Les Gets, the event program is full and ready to bring joy to all the family. As well the infrastructure inside the village is very convenient and lets you reach the slopes with no problem.

Les Gets offer very reasonable prices and in combination with a vast variety of pistes and many of them available for children, this is a strongly recommended destination for families travelling on a budget.

Find more information about Les Gets ski resort here!


Geneva Airport Transfers (GVA)

Geneva Airport is a very convenient destination to continue on a journey to one of the alpine region ski resorts. Also, it’s one of the busiest airports in the area which means that you should take care of booking your transfer in advance. Book right away with Alps 2 Alps and let us take all your transfer related worries away.

Flying with your own skis? Find out how much the airlines flying into Geneva airport will charge you.

If you’re looking for information about your flight to Geneva Airport, find it here.

Find out more about Geneva Airport here.


How Much Will Your Transfer From Geneva to Morzine Cost?

Transfer price calculation depends on many factors that could affect the total cost. Here at Alps 2 Alps we’re doing everything in our power to help you get the best deal out of your booking. We can assure that as leaders of the field we’re doing our job transparent. Here are some of the main factors that affect the total costs:

  • Your arrival airport
  • The number of travellers
  • Your destination resort
  • Type of vehicle
  • Travelling season

We’re always applying standard prices at the beginning and then applying reductions. It’s never the other way around.

Each individual booking can differ depending on the previously mentioned factors. Your booking is important to us, so be sure you’ll get the best customer service when booking with us.


Midweek Transfers

We’re reminding to choose the best deals by travelling on midweek. It’ll be a great option if you’re travelling on a budget.

Combine the midweek transfer with an off-peak season and we guarantee you’ll love what you’re getting!


Alps 2 Alps Ski Rental – Kids Ski Free

Alps 2 Alps offers a ski rental shop services. We’ll pick you up and bring you to our nearest ski rental shop and when everything’s ready and set we’ll be on the way to bring you to the winter wonderland.

If some inconveniences should occur later regarding your equipment, don’t worry. We have various service points situated around the Alps and your equipment can be exchanged without a worry in mind!

It’s important for us to be family friendly. That’s why we’re offering Kids ski rental for free with any full paying adult.

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