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Geneva Airport to Verbier – Reserve Your Private Transfer Now

Geneva airport happens to be the main international gateway to Switzerland's second largest city, Geneva, as well as a good portion or France. To get to Verbier you will be arriving on the French side. From there, if you have booked with Alps2Alps, one of our drivers will meet you at the gate to help you with your luggage.

A 2-hour car ride will follow- the shortest route to Verbier with no stops along the way. If you happen to bring your family or be in a group, we can provide a van or minibus rather than a fleet of cars. Our service will be tailored to meet your needs. If you have any requests or concerns, feel free to call our helpline anytime, 24/7.

Relax in Luxury – And Maybe Meet A Few Stars

Verbier is a high-class place. It's old money in the best of ways and attracts royalty, as well as celebrity year after year.

The town is made up of hundreds of well-maintained chalets and the skiing is top notch, too. Don't expect to find a thriving party scene - what Verbier excels at is providing a host of high-class experiences for its guests. These usually involve quieter luxuries such as spas and fine dining.

The Best Choice to Get from Geneva Airport to Verbier

The truth is, due to Verbier's reputation and frequent guest list, the prices here are a little on the exorbitant side. It's a great place to stay but that means you might want to cut costs on a few things.

With Alps2Alps private airport transfers you can keep your budget in check while maintaining the luxury feel of your getaway. Not only are our base prices highly competitive but we honor the price you are quoted and never charge unexpected fees. That no fees for little, yet necessary, amenities like child safety seats.

Rent Top of the Line Equipment

Why not try out some new gear on vacation? Better yet, why not let us get the perfect gear for you and bring it right to the resort you are staying at. If anything happens or the gear doesn't suit you, we'll replace them with new equipment right away. When you get ready to leave we can pick up the equipment and take it away for you too.

Planning a long vacation or holiday? With Alps2Alps equipment rentals, the longer you stay the more you save. Get the 6th day free with a stay of 6 days and one free day ,plus free arrival and departure dates when you stay for more than seven days.

In order to take advantage of our equipment rental offer, you must book a transfer with us - but with prices as affordable as ours and our consistently high ratings, why not give us a try?

Plenty of Other Destinations to Transfer To

In the end, perhaps you will decide to visit another resort. Maybe Verbier will be where you stay for a few days but then you move onto another local favorite like Chamonix for its relaxed atmosphere and natural beauty. You could always consider Courmayeur too with its focused clientele and lack of lines.

Wherever you choose to go, remember that Alps2Alps can help you get to or from nearly any airport or resort in the alps. You can book online well in advance or, if you need a transfer on short notice, go ahead and give us a ring.