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Milano Linate Airport to Crans-Montana Transfers

Transfers from Milano Linate Airport to Crans-Montana - Alps2Alps offers reliable airport transfers to your ski destination. If you’re planning holidays in this amazing ski resort, which is also known as the sunniest ski resort in Switzerland, make sure you can rely on your airport transfer provider.

Here you will find everything you need to know about your journey and some important facts why our clients choose Alps2Alps to deliver a reliable transfer service.

Transfers from Milano Linate Airport to Crans-Montana

Usually, transfers from Milano Linate Airport to Crans-Montana will take around 4 hours though this may see significant changes depending on the date and time of your travel.  Crans-Montana is an internationally famous ski resort if travelling at peak times; you can expect to encounter some common difficulties and waiting.

Alps2Alps will always make sure that you have a smooth, pleasant and comfortable transfer.  We highly recommend travelling midweek to cut down on your journey time and guarantee more time on the slopes.


Route Details, Issues & Alternatives

The shortest route from Milano Linate Airport to Crans-Montana (259km) will take you via route E62. Through Viale Enrico Forlanini/SP14 move to A51 (Milano). Take the A4/E64, A8 and E62 in the direction of the SS33 (Mergozzo). Continue to your destination (Ried-Brig, Svizra). Keep moving on to A9. Take Eyholztunnel, Kantonsstrasse/Road No.9 and A9 towards E62. On Road 9, Viaduc d'anniviers, Route de Montana, Route de Sierra and Route de la Combaz head to your end destination (Crans-Montana). Sometimes this route may be closed in case of heavy snow.


An alternative route will take you via routes

A4/E64 and E25 (324km). Through Viale Enrico Forlanini/SP14 move to A51 (Milano). On A4/E64 and E25 move towards E27(Quart). From E25 turn to the exit Aosta Est. Move on SS27, T2 and E27 towards Road № 21 (Martigny-Combe, Svizra). On A9/E62 move towards Route d'Hérens (Sion). From A9/E62 turn to exit Route d'Hérens. Take Road № 9, Route Cantonale and Route de la Combaz in the direction of your end destination (Crans-Montana).

Always ask the driver about the best possible way to get to the resort. If there is bad weather or snow, you should plan extra time for your transfer.


What to Do En-Route

If you want to stop at any stage of your trip to Crans-Montana, to stretch your legs or to have a cup of tea, we will be happy to assist you. You always can ask your driver for a shortstop (up to 10 minutes).

There are various supermarkets en-route to Crans-Montana. If you are hungry on your way to the ski resort, you can choose there some snacks for the journey. When it comes to buying food and travel necessary essentials, sometimes products bought on the way to Crans-Montana are cheaper than those found in the resort itself. Please note that all shop visits should be pre-booked with Customer Support prior to your arrival.

Crans-Montana is a true paradise to nature lovers – the region is surrounded with lakes, forests, glacier and vineyards. You will be impressed with a beautiful view over a string of mountain peaks that unfold from the Dufourspitze to Mont Blanc via the Weisshorn and the Matterhorn.


Journey Altitude

It’s important to know that your journey from Milano Linate Airport to Crans-Montana will take you to a very high altitude. This can cause its own potential complications.

Milano Linate Airport sits at around 100m, while Crans-Montana sits at an altitude of 1,500m. Passengers can experience some minor discomfort during the trip, such as nausea, headaches and dizziness, which can be symptoms of the change in air pressure. Often young children are those who are feeling especially unwell.

When you go to higher altitudes and combine such air pressure change with narrow steep serpentine roads, the journey can become difficult for some people. Please, ask your driver to lower the temperature in the vehicle to help you feel more comfortable.

Enjoy the white landscape of Crans-Montana during your airport transfer - it can act as a great medicine for you.


Crans-Montana Ski Resort

Crans-Montana is located in southwestern Switzerland, in the French-speaking part of the canton of Valais. The ski resort is a combination of the two centres of Montana and Crans, which was two separate villages and has merged in the 1960s. Crans-Montana ski resort is considered to be one of the top Swiss resorts. Every year it hosts many international ski and snowboard races.

Crans-Montana has direct access to 160km of downhill skiing, with 50 individual pistes, served by 34 ski lifts.  Also, Crans Montana is an active snowboarding centre: its famous Snowpark Crans-Montana is one of the biggest in the country and part of the legendary Adrenaline ski area. Located at top of the Crans gondola, snowpark is divided into two separate areas. It has a half-pipe, several rails, area for beginner freestylers, a skicross/boardercross course and a brand new snowpark for teenagers. Mountain lovers will definitely enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Crans-Montana!

Find out more about Crans-Montana ski resort here.


Milan Linate Airport Transfers (LIN)

Milan Linate Airport is the third largest international airport in the area of Northern Italy. Every year, Milan Linate Airport counts more than 9 million passengers. During peak ski season, we advise you to pre-book your airport transfer to avoid any unnecessary stress.

Flying with your own skis? Find out how much the airlines flying into Milan Linate airport will charge you.

If you’re looking for information about your flight to Milan Linate Airport, find it here.

Find out more about Milan Linate Airport here.


How Much Will Your Transfer From Milano Linate Airport to Crans-Montana Cost?

At Alps2Alps, we aim to offer the best level of reliability and quality of service to each and every one of our customers. We like to take a transparent approach to our pricing structure. Transfer costs are calculated in accordance with the following factors:

  • Your journey

  • The number of people travelling

  • The day and time you travel

  • Any discounts available

When we are calculating fares, we start with our standard price and then reduce this based on the factors mentioned above. This dynamic approach means we only ever decrease our prices – never increase them.

Pricing is also affected by vehicle availability, transfer schedule, vehicle utilisation and additional costs such as road tolls and parking charges.


Midweek Transfers

By travelling midweek you'll enjoy a lot of benefits, such as - quieter roads: which means a quicker drive, queues for bag drop and security are shorter if you’re heading out by plane etc. We strongly recommend you to travel in the middle of the week. A midweek transfer can cut your costs by up to 60%! More discounts are available for the travelling off-season and off-peak.


Ski Depot: Alps 2 Alps Service to store your skis

Take advantage of Alps2Alps ski & snowboard equipment storage. Ski Depot service makes it easy and convenient for you, you can just leave here your skies or snowboard after your ski holidays.  That is not only ski storage itself, other ski services are also available here, such as – repair, edge tuning, wax etc. That is very simple – you will give your ski or snowboard to the transfer driver and will receive them back on your next trip to the Alps, in any airport wherever Alps2Alps operates.


Book Your Milano Linate Airport to Crans-Montana Transfer

Booking your airport transfer is very easy. The simplest way is by completing our online booking form, you can also contact us by email or phone.

Booking online takes less than 5 minutes and we’ll guarantee your booking immediately. That is very easy and totally stress-free! If your chosen service or destination isn’t available, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do everything we can to assist you.

Simply click our booking page to get a quote or make a booking within seconds.


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