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Munich Airport to Ischgl Transfers

Transfers from Munich to Ischgl doesn’t have to be a problem if you’ll allow the best transfer provider to take care of you and your group. Transfer will be the easiest and most comfortable option how to get from the airport to your desired ski vacation destination. Choose Alps2Alps and get reliable, safe and professional transfer service. Make your holiday smooth and enjoyable!


Transfers from Munich to Ischgl

Transfer from Munich Airport to Ischgl ski resort will take approximately 3 hours 20 minutes. Although transfer time is a bit more time consuming when travelling to Munich Airport, the road conditions are usually well and the motorways are in good conditions. Of course, there is a great possibility of congestions and denser traffic in the last stretch of the road if travelling on weekend.

We strongly suggest choosing to book your flight and therefore your airport-resort transfer on a business weekday. Booking midweek will guarantee you more time on the slopes and help you to get better transfer deals.


Route Details, Issues & Alternatives

The first route option for this journey will definitely be to go via Innsbruck. The route would be as follows: Munich Airport- Feldkirchen- Hohenbrunn- Brunnthal- Irschenberg- Brannenburg- Kiefersfelden- Kufstein- Jenbach- Innsbruck- Telfs- Silz- Brennbichl- Landeck- Ischgl. 

The second option shall be a more straight-forward route which would take you through Munich- Germering- Wolfratshausen- Garmisch Partenkirchen- Biberwier- Gemeinde Imst- Landeck- Ischgl.

The third and the most time consuming route for this journey would take you via Munich Airport- Germering- Landsberg am Lech- Schongau- Biberwier- Gemeinde Imst- Landeck- Ischgl. As all of the three routes are meeting at the point and having the last road section going through Landeck it’s worth mentioning that this last stretch from Landeck to Ischgl can be very busy on weekends as the closest train station to Ischgl is in Landeck and many vacationers are continuing the journey from Landeck by taxi.


What to Do En-Route

When the transfer journey time is relatively long we suggest using it wise and letting yourself to enjoy every minute of it. How you could do that?  Here are some tips!

If you enjoy reading while travelling by car, we suggest digging into the essentials of your destination. Find out more about your chosen resort and the area and plan your vacation on the way in case you didn’t have a chance to do it before.

As there are many opportunities to make a stop at the supermarket on the way, our driver would be happy to do it for you. Get all that’s necessary for your holiday.

And not to forget the amazing nature that’ll surround you throughout your journey. Simply enjoy the beginning of your holiday by being amazed by the miracles of nature.


Journey Altitude

When your journey is taking you up to high altitudes, it’s often possible to experience the altitude sickness. For the ones who are already familiar with travelling in high altitudes, the journey will be easier. We suggest that first timers read the following information to be able to prepare for the journey properly.

The most common symptoms when travelling in high altitudes are nausea, headache, dizziness, weakness and sleepiness. Although these are known to be the main symptoms, those can differ depending on each individual’s physical condition.

Our drivers are experienced and very professional; please take in mind that you shall not hesitate to ask the driver for help. If it’s necessary to adjust the salon temperature, seat position or simply make a stop on the road to get a breeze of fresh air, our drivers will be happy to do that for you.


Ischgl Ski Resort

Sitting at an altitude of 1380m, Ischgl ski resort is said to be one of the best skiing and snowboarding experience in the Alps. Highly frequented by skiers and snowboarders from Germany and the UK, this resort offers a terrain for all tastes and levels and its après-ski varies from big and loud parties to family-appropriate entertainment.

Ischgl is famous for its 45 ski lifts of which the majority is very modern and fast. The infrastructure in Ischgl is praised by its regulars and has even been called as the best and modern lift system in the Alps. Also, it offers an opportunity to ski into Swiss Alps with no restrictions.

The après-ski is famous for its loud parties. If you’re planning a fun vacation with a group of friends, this will be one of the top choices for you. Ischgl has a wonderful tradition to attract skiers and snowboarders with music. There are annual season opening and closing concerts that have been headlined by such famous artists like Elton John, Bob Dylan, Tina Turner, Deep Purple, Bon Jovi, Mariah Carey, the Beach Boys and Kylie Minogue.

Find out more about Ischgl here!


Munich Airport Transfers (MUC)

Munich Airport is a popular arrival airport choice for skiers and snowboarders because the airport has a very good connection to many ski resorts in the area. Transfer demand is rising every year, so make sure you’re not too late and book your Alps2Alps transfer in advance.

Flying with your own skis? Find out how much the airlines flying into Munich airport will charge you.

If you’re looking for information about your flight to Munich Airport, find it here.

Find out more about Munich Airport here.


How Much Will Your Transfer From Munich to Ischgl Cost?

Here at Alps2Alps, we’re working to give you the best service for the best possible prices. As the leaders of the industry Alps2Alps professionals are tirelessly finding a way for development and improvement. One of the main things to look at when choosing your transfer provider is the transfer price. Here are the main price-affecting factors listed:

  • The arrival airport

  • The chosen resort

  • Number of travellers

  • Type of the vehicle available

  • The season in which you’re travelling

  • Any discounts applicable

Always when calculating the price we’re firstly looking at all the factors that are making up jour transfer order and then applying the standard rates. After that, we’re applying discounts where possible.

Every booking is unique and can have different transfer demands with default or more specific requirements and it’s up to us to keep giving you the most reliable and comfortable service.


Midweek Transfers

Here’s a little reminder of the benefits you’ll get when booking a midweek transfer. That’ll help you to avoid traffic, save money and have more time on the slopes.

Combine it with having an off-peak ski holiday and enjoy the best deals.

Book Your Munich to Ischgl Transfer

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However, if there are still some questions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone and we’ll assist you at all times.

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