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Airport transfers to and from Obergurgl

Obergurgl, a small ski village in the Alpine wonderlands, is also the highest parish in Austria. With several mountain peaks exceeding 3500m and also hosting several high-altitude glaciers, this village is one of the most unique areas in the state of Tyrol.

Obergurgl, or the “Diamond of the Alps,” is truly one of the most pristine ski areas in the Alps. With over 110 km of perfectly-groomed slopes, Obergurgl offers fun experiences for all levels of winter lovers. If you’re not a skier or boarder, you can enjoy other activities like winter hiking, cross-country skiing, tobogganing, or even ice skating! Whatever you decide to do, this resort has something specially for you. The Obergurgl community is dedicated to making a wonderful and varied experience for all of the family! Wide slopes offer guests room to experience the true essence of skiing in a natural landscape.

Obergurgl offers:

  • Over 110 km of slopes;
  • 24 ski lifts;
  • Off-piste slopes;
  • Specialized ski areas for differing level skiers.

If you’re an experienced, high adventure seeker, the off-piste skiing is truly some of the best in Europe. To access the off-piste slopes, a ski guide may be necessary and safety precautions should always be followed.

How to Get from Airport to Destination

A2A is your best bet when booking a transfer from airport to Obergurgl. Just book your transfer service online by entering your arrival information, and get a fast quote. Once everything is confirmed, your transfer will be punctual and efficient. For larger groups, we offer the option to book a larger vehicle to fit everyone on one trip.

Closest Airports to Obergurgl

A2A provides private or shared travel transfers from airport to Obergurgl. Below are the airports A2A offers transfers to and from:

  • Innsbruck Airport to Obergurgl 96 km (1hr, 25min)

Take a transfer from Innsbruck Airport to Obergurgl! On this trip, you’ll head west on A12 and then south to Obergurgl on 186. Traveling through much of back-country Austria, see the mountains rise in view as you approach beautiful Obergurgl ski area.

  • Munich International Airport to Obergurgl 247 km (3hr, 15min)

Transfer from Munich International Airport to Obergurgl. Heading south, this transfer trip takes you through the heart of Munich and then on to the Austrian border. Pass through the beautiful town of Telfs, Austria and admire the traditional Austrian chalet architecture.

  • Salzburg Airport to Obergurgl 276 km (3hr, 11min)

Transfer from Salzburg Airport to Obergurgl. Upon arrival in Salzburg, you’ll travel west through a small area of Germany before heading south again into the beautiful Austrian landscape. Innsbruck will be among the historic and beautiful Austrian towns you’ll pass through on your transfer from airport to Obergurgl.