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Zurich Airport to Champoussin Transfers

Transfers from Zurich to Champoussin is the best way to bring you to Alpine winter dream. Alps2Alps is a professional ski transfer company, and we have covered you this ski season. You and your family or friends can be sure of the most reliable and fast transfer guaranteed by Alps2Alps team. You can relax and start enjoying your holiday the moment you step on our board.

Here’s some information you need to know about your trip from the airport to the ski resort.


Transfers from Zurich to Champoussin

The journey from Zurich Airport to Champoussin ski resort will take around 3 hours 20 minutes in perfect road conditions. The main factor which can longer the transfer time is the road traffic. Road traffic is growing at the most busy ski seasons, at festive days and weekends. You can be sure that our experienced drivers will choose the best possible route to bring you to the ski resort the fastest way.

Anyway, we strongly recommend you to book a midweek transfer to guarantee yourself more time on the slopes.


Route Details, Issues & Alternatives

The first route will lead you from Zurich Airport on south-west down to Bern. Continue your driving round Bern, still to south-west, leaving aside Fribourg, then passing through Riaz and Châtel-Saint-Denis commune. Drive by the road signs in direction to E27/E62/A9 Simplon/Gd-St-Bernard/Martigny/Montreux. Turn left and continue your way along Lac Leman through Mountreux commune straight on south. Then, take a left turn to  St-Triphon/Pas-de-Morgins. You will pass Troistorrents and Val-d'Illiez until you finally reach Champoussin.

The alternative route will be a bit longer. It will take you 3 hours 20 minutes to reach Champoussion. This route goes from Zurich Airport on south-west, the same as the first one. Then, you have to take a way to E 41-Luterbach, following the road signs to A5 in the direction Biel/Bienne/Solothurn. Continue your way through Biel/Bienne, alongshore Bielersee and after along Lac de Neuchâtel. Drive to E25/A1 in the way to Besançon/Lausanne/Vallorbe till Mountreux. And the last part of the route will be the same like in the first option.

As always, we recommend our travellers to choose the way according to the current situation on road, time of your travel and weather conditions also.


What to Do En-Route

You can make your journey to the ski resort interesting and fun, choosing the en-road activities on your taste.

Sure, we can make a stop when needed. For example, at the supermarket on the route for getting all necessary things you may need during your holiday. And it’s a good idea, because at the resort village ski holiday essentials and other products will be more expensive.

Don’t need to buy anything? That’s ok. Just take a break of everything and relax. Pack your camera, put the earphones into your ears, get your playlist ready and enjoy the amazing views of Alpine scenery.


Journey Altitude

Champoussin ski resort village sits at an altitude of 1597m above sea. For people who have never experienced travelling in relatively high altitudes, that journey could cause some mild discomfort related to the rising altitudes and air pressure changes.

The most common symptoms of that are feeling nauseous, vomiting, dizziness and headache.

Nobody is insured of that. Especially children and elderly people are prone to such problems. It will be good if you prepare some refreshments - a bottle of cold water with you before the trip. It can really help you and your family to feel better the moment driving in the mountains.

And always remember: don’t hesitate to ask our drivers for help. The driver can adjust the necessary temperature in the car for you, or make a stop when you need.


Champoussin Ski Resort

Champoussin is a small Swiss ski resort with great opportunities. It is located in the heart of the grand skiing region of Port du Soleil. Champoussin is an optimal place for skiers and mid-level snowboarders, but beginners and more experienced will also find trails for their taste here.

Champoussin is a perfect choice for your vacation. Despite the calm and quiet atmosphere of the streets, there are plenty of options for active recreation. Only some of them - excellent ski trails, a school of paragliding, a toboggan run, trails for walking in snowshoes, horseback riding, hiking, and much more.

Find out about Champoussin Ski resort by this link.


Zurich Airport Transfers (ZRH)

Zurich Airport is one of the busiest airports in Central Europe.

During the high season Zurich Airport accepts a lot of ski and snowboard tourists. Of course, you would not like to waste your time here instead of going directly to the ski resort, right? What’s why we advise our clients to make a transfer booking in advance.

If you are flying with your own skis, you can find out how much the airlines flying into Zurich airport will charge you.

If you’re looking for the information about your flight to Zurich Airport, find it here.

Learn more about Zurich Airport by this link.


How Much Will Your Transfer From Zurich to Champoussin Cost?

Alps2Alps ski transfer services combined with the great deals is exactly what you’re looking for. When we calculate the final cost of your future transfer, we always take on mind all details of your trip – everything that is building the final price. The main factors are:

  • Airport of your arrival

  • The date and day of your trip

  • The chosen ski resort

  • The availability of the car

  • All discounts available at that moment

We’re always calculating the standard fare and then beginning to use the possibilities to reduce the total costs. Alps2Alps team is always working to give you the best service as well as the most transparent and fairly price calculation.

The price-affecting factors can be different based on the requirements of your booking.


Midweek Transfers

Alps2Alps always advise our customers to travel midweek, because it can bring you the best transfer deals.

Off-peak or midweek transfer will let you save up to 60% of your transfer costs.


Alps2Alps Ski Rental – Kids Ski Free

In Alps2Alps we offer ski rental services with a very attractive rent price.

We will then pick you up from the airport and take you to the rental store, so you could pick up there all needed ski equipment.

We have some service points across the Alps. So you can exchange you equipment, if you want to.

But, wait, some more good news!

Ski rental for your kids with Alps2Alps is absolutely free with any full paying adult ski traveller!

Book your ski rental online with your transfer here!


Book Your Zurich to Champoussin Ski transfer

If you are ready to book your ski transfer now, you can easily do it on our web page. It’s very simple and will not take you more than five minutes.

If you still have questions about the transfer from Zurich  to Champoussin, please feel free to call us or send the e-mail with your requests. Our customer service team will gladly assist you!

Head over to our booking page to get a real-time quote within seconds.


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