The Three Golden Rules for Scoring Cheap and Safe Ski Transfers

The Three Golden Rules for Scoring Cheap and Safe Ski Transfers

The way in which some people go on and on…and on…about booking ski resort transfers from Geneva airport, you’d think it would take a PhD in advanced logistical science to get the family from A to B safely, quickly and cheaply. Everywhere you look there are thousands of tips and guidelines as to what travelers must and must not do when looking at getting themselves and their belongings to the final destination – little wonder why some end up bewilderingly over-advised and have no idea what to do.

Back in reality however, the truth is that booking any Geneva airport transfer to any ski resort across the French Alps can be mercifully, almost ridiculously easy and needn’t ever cause a shred of worry. And the good news is that there isn’t an encyclopedia of rules, regulations and warnings to take of, but rather three golden rules that will see you where you need to be, in one piece and without a completely depleted bank balance.

And here they are:

Book Ahead

Turn up at the airport looking to get to where you need to be and you’re at the mercy of what is available at the time, it is as simple as that. Chances are that you’ll feel as if you’re close enough to the resort to smell the powder and probably getting a bit weary of travelling after the flight, so you’ll hop on the first service you see heading in the right direction.

Bad idea.

There are dozens of official and unofficial services running from Geneva airport and you can pretty much rest assured that more often than not, turning up and opting for the first one you see will result in paying way over the odds for even the shortest of resort hops. That’s assuming you even manage to get a seat inside…or a bus heading your way. Booking ahead on the other hand guarantees the cheapest fares, reserved seating on the bus and a generally more pleasant start to the proceedings…period.

Book a Registered, Licensed Company

Some would call it a no-brainer, but in truth it isn’t always easy to spot an unlicensed and unregistered resort transfer service as most would think. True, there will be a few dilapidated coaches held together by string and piloted by shady characters you’ll know to stay clear of, but others can be much more convincing. In fact, the only way to find out is to actually find out…i.e. personally check they are licensed and registered. Now, this is of course something you don’t want to spend an hour or two doing in-person when you step off the plane, which is another great reason to check ahead and book ahead.

Book Off-Peak

Last but not least, a few hours one way or the other can make all the difference in the world when it comes to scoring the cheapest seats for Geneva airport transfers. So, if time and patience permit, consider travelling off-peak or during the less social hours of the day, which can see transfer prices drop by a good 50% or more.

And always remember that off-peak transfer deals are usually ONLY available for online bookings – don’t expect the same if you just turn up…most of the time, at least.


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