Important Insurance Checks – Don’t lose Out

Important Insurance Checks – Don’t lose Out

Here’s a lesson I recently learned the hard way following an eventful trip to the Alps – never take anything for granted when it comes to your travel insurance. Let me explain…

I’d like to assume that at this particular point in time there aren’t many out there that would dare heading away – especially on a sporty break – without insurance. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say I have confidence that most will take out the appropriate ski or winter sports cover, which effectively means that their insurance is at least valid while on their jollies.

Unfortunately, I’d like to bet that the overwhelming majority of the aforementioned sensible souls still do not take the time and effort necessary to read through their policies and pay particularly close attention to the exemptions. Take it from me when I say that just because the winter sports box is ticked, this doesn’t mean that every thing and every stage of your trip is covered…nothing of the sort.

How did I find this out the hard way? Well, as I said I have just returned from a delightful trip to Megeve for a post-festive getaway and can safely say that it was every bit as amazing as I’d expected…shy of one small detail. I booked a Geneva airport transfer in advance for myself and the rest of the family, though made the minor oversight of forgetting to take along the details of the bus company…or my reservation number…or even their name.

So, we piled onto the first large bus that seemed to be destined for Megeve, took our seats and were summarily approached by the driver for reservation checks. And low and behold, we were on the wrong bus. The good news is we were pointed to the right bus by the driver once he knew exactly where we were going…the bad news is I managed to leave my small shoulder bag that was loaded with goodies on the bus. Camera, iPod, mobile phone and a fair whack of cash…thankfully my wallet was in my pocket.

By the time I realised it was missing half way to the resort – I wanted to take some photos – I had absolutely no idea how to track down the coach as once again I couldn’t remember the name of the service or anything about it really. Long story short, I’d lost a small fortune in bits and bobs, but at least I was fully covered, right?


After making a call to my insurer who I will not be naming here, it seemed there was a clause stating that none of us were covered for loss of damage of valuable during transfers. Flights yes, resort yet, hotel yes…transfers no. I also found upon inspecting the document that the winter sports cover we had chosen which included generous possession allowance did not cover loss or damage to sunglasses, mobile phones, mp3 players, cash sums of over 200 and about a dozen other things that represent EXACTLY what you’re trying to insure.

My advice…learn from my mistake and tell your insurer precisely what you need and where you need it.

Or at least take the time to read the exemptions thoroughly!


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