Hiking Routes in the Alps

Hiking Routes in the Alps

Vaujany, Lac Faucille.
Vaujany, Lac Faucille.

Vaujany is considered by most to be the only real choice for anyone looking to hike the French Alps at its finest. And given the fact that the area is blessed with a balmy 300 days of sunshine every year, it’s not difficult to understand how and why it has earned such a massive reputation the world over.

Technically speaking it’s possible to beat your own path anywhere in the region and never take the same hiking route twice, but there are nonetheless a fair few that have become firm favourites for good reason. So with three distinctly different difficulty levels in mind, here’s a look at three of the very best just to give you a taste of what’s on offer:

Beginner Level

Those looking for an easy hike that’s more like a pleasant stroll can head from Vaujanytoward the La Villette area though some painfully pretty meadows and pastures. The area is bursting with quiet forest paths, streams to splash about in and the promise of the stunning La Fare waterfall for those looking to take the popular challenge of extending their hike a little further. There’s also the option of taking the year-round cable car to Alpette, which is blessed with some of the most stunning views to be found anywhere in the French Alps and is flanked by stunning countryside and a lake that offer limitless opportunities for gentle hikes. An always popular option is to take a cable car one way and then enjoy the slow and steady walk back down, which is never quite as tough on newcomer legs!

Intermediate Level

If the above sounds just that little bit too tame, there’s plenty in the same area with more of a challenging edge. For example, starting off at the same base in Vaujany, intermediate walkers could choose to head to the Col du Sabot through La Villete and find themselves privy to some of the most breath taking views of Mont Blanc. There’s also the option of going right up to the ‘Table d’Orientation’ located on the Rissiou Ridge, which again offers some remarkable panoramas of the area while at the same time serves up a bounty of naturally-growing treats like wild raspberries and forest strawberries all over the place.

And of course there’s always the cable car which no matter where you get off will open up a world of hiking routes at all levels to try out.

La Berarde, French Alps.

With the Ecrins National Park on its doorstep, the number of advanced walks and hikes on offer in the Vaujany region is endless. Nevertheless, a firm favourite is to head to the Pillate Hut or the Chatelleret Hut to spend the night before setting again, which demands a trip to La Berarde first which is every year entirely cut off from the outside world during the depths of winter – so best to keep an eye on the weather.

If not nearly challenging enough however, there’s always the famous GR54 to try out which at 115-miles with a duration of up to two-weeks is one of the most advanced holiday hiking routes in the world today!

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(Photos: creativecommons.org/yvonnep & Guillaume Baviere)

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