Five Reasons to Pre-Book Geneva Airport Transfers

Five Reasons to Pre-Book Geneva Airport Transfers

Anyone heading to the French Alps this year via Geneva for a much-needed break will face the task of deciding how on Earth exactly to get from the airport itself to their final resort of choice. Well, allow us to tell you from experience that those choosing to take a hire car and traverse the mountain roads themselves are quite simply mad – at least unless well-versed in driving on sheet-ice with sheer drops and either side of the road!

Anyway, those that prefer to keep their downhill thrill-seeking to the ski slopes themselves will for the most part make a beeline for the organised transfer services, of which Geneva Airport is blessed with dozens. Seriously – there are so many coaches and ticket-sellers milling around the airport that the place gets congested before any planes have even landed!

So organised transfers are the most common and more sensible option, leaving the only remaining question as that of whether to pre-book or just roll-on-in and choose on the day? For the record, here’s the top-five reasons not to opt with the latter:

The Queues

Think you’re the only one in need of a transfer to Megeve? Fat chance – you and about a thousand others at peak times! Contrary to those delightful stereotypes, Brits don’t in fact like standing in lines – most of us anyway – so unless you’re willing to waste a good hour or two of your trip queuing up for the tickets you could have easily bought online before arriving, don’t leave it until the day itself.

The Waiting

There’s a decent chance there will be a bus at the airport heading to the place you’re going with space for you and all you hold dear, but this is compounded by an equally good chance that it won’t be around for a long, long time. Buses timed to coincide with airplane arrivals and the first to fill up, so again, unless willing to wait around in the airport until a service becomes available, make a booking and get right out of there, fast!

The Language Barriers

So many people have ended up about as far from their actual intended destination as you’d care to imagine for no reason other than not understanding a word the driver was saying and vice-versa. Take your chances on a service you rock up to on the day and they’ll often tell you anything to get you on board – or just keep giving you a nod of the head. Trust us, book ahead with an English speaking service!

The Costs

Always a biggie – why take the chance of being ripped off on the day when you can get a massively better price and even an exclusive discount by booking ahead online? People pay triple the advertised online rate simply for not bothering to book ahead – that money  is already earmarked for inebriants!

The Peace of Mind

And finally but sort of in summary, is there any real justification for not taking full peace of mind along and knowing that everything is already taken care of, considering the fact that it’s cheaper and easier than just turning up on a wing and a prayer? You’ll come to regret it if you do!


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