How to stay fit over the summer to be the best on the slopes next season

How to stay fit over the summer to be the best on the slopes next season

The snow is all gone and it is time for the beach! At least it is in the southernmost countries of Europe. Anyway, most of the people don’t think of skiing or snowboarding anymore, so you may think – why waste time to write about it? Well, my friend…the reason of this article is to remind you how important it is to stay fit over the summer in order to be the beast on the slopes again next season. Serious skiers never let up on their ski conditioning, so why would you? Read, learn and take action!

Body biomechanics

Just like any other mechanism, also your body needs a maintenance inspection. So be your own body’s mechanic and learn how to move it the most efficient way. Pay attention to these body parts:

  • Knees: To carve properly on the slopes, your knees must line up properly. The center of your knee cap should make a vertical line down between your second and third toe.
  • Pelvis: It is important to maintaining pelvic neutrality to cushion the spine from excessive stress or strain. Turn sideways in front of a mirror and find the neutral and relaxed position of the pelvis in which your muscles work best. Your bottom should not stick out too much or tuck in too far.

 Runner with injured knee

Strength and power

It is no secret that leg muscles are the main muscles used in skiing.  However, special attention should be paid to quadriceps (front of your thigh) and gluteal muscles (back of your thigh), because these are the main power muscles used during skiing. You can train them by doing lunges, split squats, step ups, deep squats and cycling. If you have enough determination, you can do all these exercises at home or somewhere outdoors in the fresh air. Or, of course, the good old gym. Oh, and ride a bike everywhere – daily errands, social events, or even work!

 Pretty concentrated young sportswoman doing squats using bench i


Although skiing does not require much flexibility, you always have to be prepared for the worst case scenario – falling over. If your muscles are tight, the damage will be more serious. And, of course, it allows you to turn freely and stay on top of those skis. The main muscle groups you should put focus are calfs and hips – it is very useful to stretch these areas out before your exercise (running, biking, climbing etc.).

 Female Runner Stretching Before Running

Some of the world’s best skiers are probably sweating their buttocks off right now, getting ready for the next season, which starts only in half year from now. Of course, it is not necessary for you to be in that kind of shape, but being fit sure feels great. Good luck and lots of determination!

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