Where to Watch Winter Olympic Events in the Alps

Where to Watch Winter Olympic Events in the Alps

If, like us, you’re a winter sports fanatic, you might be disappointed you couldn’t make it to PyeongChang this year.

But, fear not! There’s still plenty of opportunities to witness some amazing winter sports events.

So, if you want to experience something similar to the thrills and jaw-dropping moments of PyeongChang, we’ve got you covered. Here’s where to watch Winter Olympic events in the Alps.

Slalom, Alpine Skiing

The Slalom is an Alpine skiing event where racers ski between obstacles, such as poles. It’s one of the most popular events in the Winter Olympics, and it’s easy to see why.

To pass through the poles, skiers are required to take quick and sharp turns. Year after year, this event provides onlookers with plenty of electrifying moments!

But, for those skiing in the Alps, where can you witness this race?

Bormio, Italy, 14th February 2018

Located near the Swiss border, Bormio is charming and low-cost Italian ski resort.

The best bit? This year, Bormio will be home to the men’s and women’s Slalom races.

Here you can watch an exciting Alpine skiing event and ski on Bormio’s selection of varied slopes. It’s the best of both worlds for every winter sports enthusiast!

Courchevel, France, 17th February 2018

Courchevel is one of France’s most popular ski resorts, with many loyal families and keen skiers returning year after year.

So, it’s unsurprising that Courchevel is playing host to some winter sports events this year! Think of it as a mini PyeongChang and you’ll get a rough idea.

On the 17th February, Courchevel is home to not only the men’s Slalom, but the women’s also. If you’re looking for winter sports thrills, you won’t be disappointed here.

Giant Slalom, Alpine Skiing

For those who are unsure, Giant Slalom is an Alpine skiing event, involving skiing between sets of poles spaced at a greater distance than found in the slalom.

It’s not the fastest race in Alpine skiing, but this doesn’t stop those who compete reaching some simply staggering speeds.

If you think you’re talented on the slopes, prepare to have your skills completely overshadowed!

So, where to watch it?

Méribel, France, 14th February 2018

If you’re lucky enough to be in Méribel this month, you’ll find your fix for Alpine skiing satisfied.

This year, the resort will be home to the Ladies’ Giant Slalom. Prepare yourself for an unmissable race!

Usseglio, Italy, 14th February 2018

While not technically in the Alps, we won’t tell if you don’t.

Located around an hour away from Turin airport and a stone’s throw away from the French border, Usseglio is a quiet Italian commune.

But, this year, Usseglio is sure to be shaken up by some thrilling winter sports. Both the ladies’ and men’s Giant Slalom races will take place here!

So, for those hoping to witness some winter sports staying in any nearby ski resorts, such as Courmayeur, the excitement of Usseglio isn’t far away!

Forni di Sopra, Italy, 16th-17th February 2018

One of Italy’s lesser well-known ski resorts, Forni di Sopra is located close to some of the Alps’ heavyweights, such as Cortina d’Ampezzo.

This year, Forni di Sopra will play host to both the ladies’ and men’s Giant Slalom races.

Your fix of Alpine skiing is sure to be satisfied here!

Alpe Cermis, Italy, 17th February 2018

Alpe Cermis has a lot to boast about. Part of the Dolomiti Superski region, it has plenty of varied slopes to offer keen skiers.

This year, Alpe Cermis will also be home to the ladies’ and men’s Giant Slalom races.
Courchevel, France, 18th February 2018

Like Méribel, Courchevel is another infamous French ski resort.

You can watch both the ladies’ and men’s Giant Slalom here! Whether you’re looking to inspire your own technique, or simply cheer on the racers, Courchevel is the place to be to watch Winter Olympic events in the Alps.

Passo San Pellegrino, Italy, 18th February 2018

Despite being one of Italy’s lesser known ski areas, the San Pellegrino Pass isn’t overlooked by winter sports enthusiasts.

The ladies’ and men’s Giant Slalom events will take place here on the 18th February.

It’s the ideal location to get your fix for Alpine skiing in a much quieter location!


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Super G, Alpine Skiing

To put it simply, if the Giant Slalom races weren’t enough for you, the Super G (also known as the Super Giant Slalom) is sure to satisfy.

Adrenaline junkies listen up! The Super G involves reaching high speeds, whilst having to navigate sharp turns. It’s one of our favourite winter sports events.

Bormio, Italy, 15th-16th February 2018

If you’re spending your ski holiday in Bormio, you’re in luck! You won’t be disappointed by a lack of choice of winter sports events. In fact, you’ll find it’s the very opposite.

This month, Bormio will host both the women’s and men’s Super G events.

Passo San Pellegrino, Italy, 19th February 2018

Passo San Pellegrino will also host both the women’s and men’s Super G events, with a total of four races for you to enjoy.

Witnessing just one of these events is sure to provide you with plenty of thrills that will make you feel as if you’re watching the Winter Olympics.


Professional skier competing - what's happening in the Alps this December

Alpine Skiing Combined

Combined is an Alpine skiing event which consists of both downhill and slalom races. You’ll get your fix for both speed and technicality with this event!

This event is sure to provide plenty of thrills, even for the keenest winter sports lovers.

So, where to watch it?

Bormio, Italy, 15th February 2018

This month, Bormio is a lively hub of winter sports events! We’d even go as far to call it the second-best thing to PyeongChang itself.

Both the women’s and men’s Alpine Combined events will take place in Bormio this month.

For any greedy winter sports lovers, you’re sure to get your fix here!


Trail Blanc des Karellis

Translating to the ‘White Karellis Trail’, this race consists of both 5km and 10km courses.

It’s tough on all participants, making for truly gripping viewing.

Les Karellis, France, 23rd February 2018

Les Karellis is located in Savoy in the heart of the French Alps.

On the 23rd February, Les Karellis will host the Trail Blanc des Karellis, which should be a simply thrilling race for any spectators.

Big Air

Another of our favourite events in the Winter Olympics, Big Air is a freestyle snowboarding event. The goal of this event? The tricks.

Participants are encouraged to land impressive, electrifying tricks to stun and thrill their audience.

Snowboarders often annoy skiers with their showing off, but in this event, it’s allowed.

But, can you watch it if you’re not in PyeongChang? Answer: yes.

La Plagne, France, 25th February 2018

On the 25th Feburary, La Plagne will be home to both the women’s and men’s Big Air snowboarding events.

Get ready to witness some incredible stunts!

Achensee Lake 3-Valleys-Run

Both professional and amateur cross country skiers alike compete side by side in the Achensee Lake 3-Valleys-Run.

With all ages and abilities welcome and competing for their moment in the spotlight, this event is sure to provide plenty of thrills!

Pertisau, Austria, 25th February 2018

The Achensee Lake 3-Valleys-Run will take participants through Karwendel Mountain Range in the Alps.

With everyone competing for glory, this event is sure to be an exciting one.

Snowboard Cross

The Snowboard Cross is relatively new to the Winter Olympics. This only adds to the excitement surrounding it.

Four to six snowboarders race down an icy hill that features various turns with a mixture of flat and steep sections that racers must contend with. It’s also known as Boardercross.

So, where to watch this event?

Moena, Italy, 6th March 2018

Part of the Val di Fassa ski area, Moena has a lot to offer keen skiers.
With modern lifts, snowmakers and some stunning views of the Dolomites, Moena has holiday-makers returning year after year.

Another reason to visit? You can witness both the ladies’ and men’s Snowboard Cross in Moena in March this year.


Freeride World Tour

The Freeride World Tour showcases some of the world’s best freeride skiers.

It’s an event that is sure to rival some of the excitement of the Winter Olympics!

Fieberbrunn, Austria, 9th-15th March 2018

Located in the Kitzbühel Alps, Fieberbrunn will be the home of the Freeride World Tour this March.

If you’re looking to witness some nail-biting moments, you won’t be disappointed here!


Pillerseetal Valley Folk Biathlon

The Pillerseetal Valley Folk Biathlon is an event where participants combine cross country skiing with rifle markmanship.

The Winter Olympics isn’t the only time you can watch this event!

Hochfilzen, Austria, 10th-11th March 2018

This biathlon is sure to win prizes for variety!

Participants have two goals: ski fast and shoot straight. It’s more complicated than it sounds, and makes for truly exciting viewing.



Lovingly known as the BRITS, the British Ski and Snowboard Championships welcome all winter sports fanatics.

Both skiers and snowboarders alike come together in this showcasing of freestyle talent.

It’s an unmissable experience!

Laax, Switzerland, 1st-8th April 2018

Laax will be the home of this jaw-dropping event this April.

You’re sure to witness stunts that put your skills to shame!

Beef Roast Rail Jam

The Beef Roast Rail Jam is a ski and snowboard freestyle team contest.

It’s an all-day event showcasing some exciting winter sports, accompanied by plenty of food and alcohol.

Make sure you save the date for this one!

Les 2 Alpes, France, 23rd April 2018

This April, Les 2 Alpes will be home to the Beef Roast Rail Jam, which is sure to be a thrilling event for the whole family.

Be sure not to miss out on the after party also!

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