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Geneva Airport to Chamonix Transfers

Your transfer from Geneva to Chamonix will be a breeze this ski season with a little help from our trustworthy transfer service. Let us take care of the details so you can start planning the fun you’ll have on the slopes. 

Here’s everything you need to know about our ski transfer service from Geneva airport to Chamonix and why Alps2Alps offers the best budget airport transfers out there. 

Geneva to Chamonix Transfers

Getting to Chamonix from Geneva airport is simple if you opt for a private transfer. On average, the transfer from Geneva airport takes around 2 hours. However, the transfer time can vary depending on whether you travel during peak times. 

That’s why we recommend travelling midweek to cut down on costs and guarantee more time on the slopes.      

Route Details, Issues & Alternatives

The quickest route from Geneva airport travels through Bossey, Bonneville, Cluses and Sallanches, turning before the Mont Blanc tunnel to reach Chamonix. 

Another option is to drive along the coast of Lake Geneva until you reach Bonneville. Although slightly longer, this is a good choice during periods of heavy congestion and offers wonderful lake views. 

Our professional and experienced drivers will take all factors into consideration when planning your transfer journey to ensure you spend minimal time on the road. 

What to Do En-Route

Even a 2 hour drive can feel longer with restless children on board. If at any time you want to pause and stretch your legs, our drivers will happily accommodate. 

Keen to stock up on essentials en-route? There are plenty of supermarkets on the way, often cheaper than the ones you’ll find in the resort village. A few snacks might be just what’s needed to make the journey fly by. 

A good drive is a great way to take in some spectacular alpine scenery and spot key landmarks along the way. Make your memories last by stopping to take some snaps, especially if you’re travelling past the stunning Lake Geneva!

Need to rent some skis? Avoid the queues at the resort by picking up your ski equipment at our service point in Geneva. (More on ski rental later).

Travelling at High Altitude

Travelling at high altitudes can really affect how you’re feeling. Although completely safe, high altitude can make some people (especially children) feel unwell. 

Geneva airport sits at 430m, while the Chamonix valley borders the topmost peaks of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe at over 48,000m at its highest. 

This high altitude is great for skiers, but can cause mild discomfort until you get used to it. Symptoms include nausea, dizziness, weakness and headaches.

However, these are the more extreme sides of the condition, and not everyone is affected. 

Don’t hesitate to ask our friendly drivers if you want to stop or change the temperature in the vehicle to make yourself more comfortable. 

Chamonix Ski Resort

Chamonix is one of the oldest French ski resorts in the region, standing majestic for around 200 years. The resort hosted the first Winter Olympics in 1924 and has a compelling historical past. 

Chamonix is referred to as the Gateway to the Alps, and is often seen as the capital of all alpine ski resorts. This means it has excellent accessibility and lots on offer for visitors of all budgets. 

As for skiing and snowboarding, Chamonix is the place to be for advanced skiers and snowboarders looking for a challenge. Beginners and intermediates won’t be left on the side-lines however, the 20km Valle Blanch glacier run is a delight for lower level skiers. 

The bustling French town of Chamonix is now home to 9000 inhabitants. It may not be the small, purpose-made ski village it once was, but the lively atmosphere, historical background and excellent skiing more than makes up for it. 

Find out about more about Chamonix ski resort here!

Geneva Airport Transfers (GVA)

Approximately 5km from the city centre, Geneva airport is ideally placed to serve all major ski destinations in the Alps. Easy access to the most popular ski resorts in Europe and excellent flight deals usually result in long queues, especially during peak season. 

Avoid any unnecessary waiting by booking a cheap ski transfer from Alps2Alps in advance.

Planning on flying with your own skis? Find out if the airline charges are worth it before you travel. You don’t want any unwanted, costly surprises at the airport! 

Find more information about your flight to Geneva Airport here.

How Much Will Your Transfer From Geneva to Chamonix Cost?

Here at Alps 2 Alps, our team’s work culture is based on reliability, honesty and effectiveness. It’s our mission to deliver the best service at the lowest price. 
In an effort to remain completely transparent, here are the different factors we take into consideration when calculating your Geneva transfer:

  • Your journey     
  • The number of people travelling    
  • The season, day of the week and time of travel         
  • Any discounts available    

When putting together the final costs for your transfer to Chamonix, we start with the standard fare, then work to reduce this as much as possible based on the factors above. This approach means our prices only ever go down, never up! 

Pricing is also affected by vehicle availability, transfer schedule, vehicle utilisation and additional costs such as road tolls and parking charges.

To get the cheapest deals, we recommend booking your transfer with us in advance.  

Booking Midweek Transfers

One of the best ways to save on your ski holiday is to travel midweek. A midweek transfer could cut your costs by 60%, not to mention save time by avoiding pesky traffic jams! 
More discounts are available for travelling off-season and off-peak.

Alps 2 Alps Ski Rental – Kids Ski Free!

We don’t stop at transfers at Alps 2 Alps, this transfer company offers a lot more. 

Rent low-cost ski equipment from our handy rental shop just 15 minutes from Geneva airport. We’ll pick you up from the airport and take you to get an expert fitting before continuing on with your journey to the resort. 

We have plenty of service points across the Alps. If your equipment isn’t quite right, you can exchange it with minimal hassle. We also have a 24/7 customer service team on call if you need to speak to someone. 

But wait, there’s more! 

Kids ski rental comes totally free of charge with any full paying adult. Who doesn’t love a bargain?

Book your ski rental online along with your transfer here!

Book Your Geneva to Chamonix Airport Transfer

Booking your ski transfer with Alps2Alps is simple and stress-free. The easiest way to book is online but if you prefer, we do take bookings over the phone or by email. 

Online booking takes less than 5 minutes and we’ll guarantee your booking immediately.

If your chosen service or destination isn’t available, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do everything we can to assist you.

Head over to our booking page to get a real-time quote within seconds!

See you at the airport!