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Geneva Airport to Chamonix Transfers

Transfers from Geneva to Chamonix won’t be a hassle if you’ll let a trustworthy and experienced transfer provider to take care of your journey. Avoid the planning of the correct route and worrying about the details. Alps 2 Alps will do it for you! Book your transfer now and enjoy a smooth vacation.

Transfers from Geneva to Chamonix

The drive from Geneva Airport to Chamonix should be pretty straight-forward and averagely it’ll take you 2 hours to get there. If travelling off-peak there won’t be too much traffic on the roads and the journey will be smoother, but when choosing to travel in the busiest seasons for ski resorts, be ready for a dense traffic and some delays.

If you’ll choose to travel on midweek we can get you better deals for transfers and you can guarantee yourself more time on the slopes.


Route Details, Issues & Alternatives

There are several route options to choose for a journey from Geneva Airport to Chamonix. One possibly the fastest route would take you via Geneva- Bossey- Entremiebres- Bonneville- Cluses- Sallanches and then take the turn before the Mont Blanc tunnel to reach Chamonix.

There’s an option that’ll take you a bit more time on the road, but could be chosen in case of serious congestions in the road section up to Bonneville. The route will bring you out of Geneva from the other side and go along the cost of the Lake Geneva through Cologny- Jussy- Bonne- Bonneville. When reaching Bonneville the route will be the same as the first option.

We’d always suggest choosing the first option for this journey. Be sure that our professional team and experienced drivers will plan the best possible route for your transfer depending on all factors that could affect the journey.


What to Do En-Route

En-route activities can differ depending to your taste. You can make the time go faster by having a good read with you or making memories with your camera. There’ll sure be enough wonderful views around to take your breath away.

We suggest using the option to make a stop at the supermarket if there are still some necessary things missing out, as there are plenty of supermarkets on the way. It’ll be easier and less expensive than to do it in the resort village.

Ask our driver to make a stop on the way if you feel like stretching your legs could be a good idea. Take a break, look around, reenergize and continue the road!

Also, we’re offering to bring you to our low-cost ski rental shop just near to Geneva Airport. It’s a great option if travelling without your own equipment. Avoid the queues at the resort and get equipped right away!


Journey Altitude

Travelling in high altitudes can seriously affect how you’re feeling. At the particular altitudes, it’s not dangerous, but just unpleasant. Children are usually more affected by the altitude sickness, although it depends on each individual on one's physical condition.

The most common symptoms for altitude sickness are: nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness and headache. It could turn out to be useful to have some refreshments with you to reduce the symptoms.

Please don’t hesitate to always ask our driver if you need some help with regulating the temperature in the salon or if you need to adjust the seat position. Our experienced and friendly drivers will assist to your needs to assure you a pleasant journey.


Chamonix Ski Resort

Being situated at an altitude of 1010m- 1200m, Chamonix stands still and majestic for already 200 years. Its historical value is tremendous and it’s a must see if travelling around the Alps. Chamonix also hosted the first Winter Olympics in 1924.

As Chamonix is a capital of all alpine ski resorts, it’s accessible and affordable for both wealthier and budget travellers. As for the skiing and snowboarding- Chamonix is a place where advanced level skiers and snowboarders are going to challenge themselves and there’ll be enough for the beginners and intermediates as well. 20 km Vallee Blanch glacier run will be a delight for non-expert skiers.

Chamonix is a busy French town of 9000 habitants and it may not be the same small purpose made ski village charm and yes, you’ll need some patience when queuing for the busses, ski lifts etc., but it surely is worth to go and see what this historical town has for you to admire.

Find out about more about Chamonix here!


Geneva Airport Transfers (GVA)

Geneva Airport is one of the favourite destinations for ski vacationers. There’s an easy access to the most popular ski resorts in the Alps and there’s an excellent deals for flights outside of the UK and other European cities. Be wise and book your Alps 2 Alps airport-resort transfer in advance.

Flying with your own skis? Find out how much the airlines flying into Geneva airport will charge you.

If you’re looking for information about your flight to Geneva Airport, find it here.

Find out more about Geneva Airport here.

How Much Will Your Transfer From Geneva to Chamonix Cost?

Here at Alps 2 Alps our teams work culture is based on reliability, honesty and effectiveness. It’s our task to give you the best service and the best prices for it. There are different factors that we have to take in mind when calculating your fare:

  • The arrival airport

  • The chosen resort

  • Number of travellers

  • Type of the vehicle available

  • The season in which you’re travelling

  • Any discounts applicable

When putting together the final costs, we’re applying the standard fares at the beginning and then working to reduce the price by applying discounts where possible.

To be able to give you the best deals, we’re always recommending to book your transfer in advance and take some other good advice on how to cut down on your expenses.


Midweek Transfers

One of the best ways how to save on your total holiday expenses is to choose midweek travelling.

If you’re travelling midweek, your transfer will have a better deal because of the availability. And if your midweek transfer will be scheduled outside the peak season for the resorts, the transfer fares will be a delight!


Alps 2 Alps Ski Rental – Kids Ski Free

Alongside other benefits when choosing Alps 2 Alps as your transfer services provider, we’re offering to rent your skiing or snowboarding equipment at our low-cost rental shop. It’s located near to Geneva Airport and it’ll give you an opportunity to get fully equipped at once!

If later there’s some problem with your equipment, contact our 24/7 customer service team and we’ll organize the exchange fast and easy!

That’s not all!

Kids ski rental with Alps 2 Alps will be totally free of charge with a full paying adult. Who doesn’t love a bargain?

Book your ski rental online here with your transfer here!


Book Your Geneva to Chamonix Transfer

Book your transfer now! At you can use the online booking platform and make your booking in just 5 minutes.

In case you still have some questions, don’t hesitate to call us or contact us via e-mail. Our team of professionals will always deliver a perfect customer service when assisting you.

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