5 Picture-Perfect French Alps Summer Holiday Destinations

5 Picture-Perfect French Alps Summer Holiday Destinations

Two people sitting atop a high cliff overlooking a picture-perfect pool of water

The French Alps are an infamous holiday destination, best known for the thrills they provide keen skiers year after year.

But, you might not consider the French Alps a summer holiday destination!

We’re here to change this! The French Alps transform in the summer, becoming the perfect summer holiday location, you just need to know where to look.

So, if you’re not sure where to head when the temperature warms up, here are 5 picture-perfect French Alps summer holiday destinations.

Barcelonnette, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

Fancy exploring a charming French town?

Barcelonnette is nestled in the heart of the southern French Alps, easily accessible from Turin airport. It’s home to colourful houses, picture-perfect views and street markets.

If you’re a fan of unusual architecture, you’re in luck! The town boasts many historic monuments and remarkable Mexican villas. One of these Mexican villas is home to the Musée de la Vallée, which as a museum of history, art and archaeology.

In fact, the entire town was built on inspiration from Mexico.

Every August, the town transforms, putting on France’s most exciting hispano-Mexican festival. Complete with dancing, processions and traditional mariachi music, it’s a family-friendly event that will make you feel as though you’re in Mexico!

Even if you’re not in Barcelonnette for the festival, the town doesn’t disappoint. As its located in the Ubaye valley, many hiking trails are accessible.

For those who are looking to experience the mountains in a fresh and exciting way, Barcelonnette is a hidden gem you don’t want to miss!

5 Picture-Perfect French Alps Summer Holiday Destinations

Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy is an idyllic hidden gem that comes to life in summer.

From swimming in its crystal-clear waters to cycling around it, Lake Annecy has a lot to offer its visitors, yet somehow doesn’t quite get the attention it deserves.

The views of Lake Annecy are simply breath-taking. If you need to cool off after taking part in hiking, strolling or exploring the Palais de l’Isle, the lake’s waters are the perfect to swim in. Alternatively, why not paddle across it?

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, the gourmet cuisine on offer won’t disappoint. If you love the taste of traditional French food, you’ll delight in the markets and restaurants that surround the lake.

There’s so much to do on and around Lake Annecy, you’ll need to dedicate more than one day of your holiday to it!

Some more great news? Lake Annecy is only an hour away from Geneva airport, meaning it’s easy for keen holiday-makers to get to!

5 Picture-Perfect French Alps Summer Holiday Destinations

Fer-à-Cheval Cirque

If you thought the French Alps were at their best during winter, you might change your mind after visiting the Fer-à-Cheval Cirque.

The largest mountain cirque in France won’t disappoint its guests. Home to breath-taking views, rare wildlife and dramatic waterfalls, it’s a must-visit gem!

If you fancy exploring the cirque fully, hiking around it is an unforgettable experience. Alternatively, for those seeking a more relaxing holiday, the cirque is the ideal picnic spot!

Children of all ages can appreciate the cirque’s beauty! It’s a family-friendly place that has a lot to offer its visitors.

At less than two hours away from Chambery airport, it’s also a landmark that’s easily accessible!

5 Picture-Perfect French Alps Summer Holiday Destinations

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Le Chȃteau de Menthon Saint Bernard

Le Chȃteau de Menthon Saint Bernard is a medieval castle open from May to September. Its Gothic architecture is said to be the inspiration for many others, including a Disney castle!

Suitable for young children, families can explore the castle while being entertained by guided tours from actors. Visitors can admire the period furniture and decoration on display. The castle also puts on highly entertaining performances and costumed events.

There’s even a play area for younger explorers!

If exploring the inside of the castle wasn’t enough, why not explore outside? A hiking trail is located around the castle, giving guests a chance to admire the castle from afar!

5 Picture-Perfect French Alps Summer Holiday Destinations

Lake Geneva

Shared by France and Switzerland, Lake Geneva is another hidden gem you don’t want to miss.

The French half of the lake is less populated than the Swiss half, allowing its visitors to fully take in its breath-taking views without being obscured by crowds.

Évian-les-Bains is a French town located on the lake, the perfect place for those looking to relax and unwind.

Another town located on the lake, Yvoire, has managed to retain its traditional medieval look. This has not gone unnoticed by its visitors, as it’s classified as one of the ‘Most Beautiful Villages in France’.

5 Picture-Perfect French Alps Summer Holiday Destinations

It’s easy to see why! With picture-perfect views, a wealth of stunning flowers and even a castle, the town deserves its fame.

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