5 reasons why snowboarding is better than skiing

Since the beginning of snowboarding culture, there have been so many debates and arguments between skiers and snowboarders – which type of mountain sport is better? While skiers are fighting for their truth and defending the benefits and pros of skiing, here are the 5 reasons why snowboarders would never change their beloved boards against skis!

Snowboarders Extreme Skiing Friends Winter Concept

In the world there are rigid and weirdly looking boots, and then there are nice, comfy, puffy and cool-looking boots known as snowboarding boots!

Snowboarding boots are really comfortable if compared to rigid and drastic skiing boots. Their structure allows snowboarders to move more freely and conveniently without struggling with stairs, simple obstacles and steeper walking paths – snowboarding boots are more flexible, don’t contain that much plastic parts, which restrict the natural walking movements. Undoubtedly – snowboarding boots can be really inconvenient as well in some cases, but overall satisfaction and level of confidence while moving around the resort is way better with these boots!

It’s not just sitting on the top of the slope – it’s socializing!

It might be seen either in movies, either in reality, but at the end of the day – it’s just true! Snowboarders love sitting on the top of the slopes, just chill out for a minute, enjoy the view and have a casual chat with their friends or companions. Believe it – it is not only to look cool in your new, bright and trendy snowboarding outfit and acting out, it is just because snowboarders are much more social and relaxed people in general!

Cutting the fresh snow-powder is way easier and doable

Snowboard is just way better and more stable to challenge the fresh, puffy snow than a pair of skis. Of course, if you are not experienced enough, off-piste ride might be challenging anyways. These off piste rides will make every intermediate snowboarder more open minded and allow to enjoy the untouched, puffy snow! What a temptation!

Rear view of female snowboarder with snowboard in hand standing

Once you learn skiing, you know, how to … ski. Once you learn snowboarding..!

Once you have mastered skiing, you can transfer your new skills to only one other type of sport – water skiing. Well, if you love water skiing, that is truly great! Once you master snowboarding and get the skill on the board, other types of board sports suddenly seem to be way easier to ace – surfing, skateboarding, longboarding! How does that sound now? If you are a snowboarder – have you already tried mastering other boards as well? How did it go?

Forget about the poles. There are no poles in snowboarding, which is why we can eat and make snowballs!

Of course, poles are also a good thing and thanks to our friends skiers we can also cross some bigger and flatter distances without taking our boards off. On the other hand – we are just lucky not to have them! Snowboarders have free hands to eat, drink, make snowballs, hug and do other things, while skiers can just easily drop them from the ski lifts by an accident. What a pity!

 Extreme snowboarding man

Skiing and snowboarding have their pros and cons undoubtedly, and there are many people out there, who love practising both of them! Sometimes you have the benefits from snowboarding, sometimes – skiing. Read about the 7 reasons why skiing is better than snowboarding already next week!