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From a Driver’s Perspective – Tips for Road Users

I’ve been working for Alps2Alps transfers for so long now that you could probably call me a veteran on the mountain roads – as I myself do. Not that I’m some born and bred hotshot, but it’s the kind of learning curve you only get to grips with by practicing all day every day and learning from the trials and errors of others. That’s why I decided to write this entry – to offer a few of my own personal

A Lazy Day in Lyon

One of the best things about hitting Lyon in the middle of the ski season is that you’re free of all the monstrous mobs that descend on the region in the summer. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this isn’t the kind of place where scorching summer weather is the be all and end all of things, and like any amazing city it’s a year-round hotbed of culture and relaxation. And for anyone that’s intent on using

End of the Ski Season? Time to Get Ready for the Next!

The biggest pain in the proverbial about skiing is the fact that not even the best of us have any real say in when we can and can’t hit the slopes. Sure we’ve got the gift of snow cannons and the like to play with, but to be honest they’re largely redundant unless Mother Nature deems it acceptable that they be used. What all of the above translates to is yet another long and painful ski-free summer for the masses

It’s Already Spring – Should I Bother Booking My Transfers?

The spring is well and truly on its way, which for the most part means quieter slopes, shorter lift lines and probably a decent flurry of cheap flights too. Or in other words, it’s almost peak season for bargain-hunters looking to take a trip to the French Alps while handing over as little cash for the privilege as possible. Now, while all of the above is all well and good, it’s often a little too easy to fall into a

Car Hire Vs Coach Transfer – Points to Note

There’s a very important decision that has to be made by tens of thousands of French Alps ski fanatics each and every year – to hire a car for the trip, or go with an organised resort transfer service? Now, given the fact that most will already have their preconceptions about both sides, the resulting decision can seem to be something of a no-brainer. Some will instinctively argue that the freedom of car hire is priceless, while others swear there’s

Geneva Airport Transfers – FAQ

Along with the obvious points to consider, there are various other matters facing those looking to book a Geneva Airport resort transfer service that really must be clarified before making a booking. So, from departure services to travelling with kids and oversized baggage situations, be sure to check out the following additional FAQ before signing up next time around: What Time Do Departure Services Pick Up on the Day We Leave? This will depend entirely on your proximity to Geneva

French Alps Train Station Transfers – Keeping it Simple

When the majority of people think about the idea of French Alps resort transfers, they assume that the subject begins and ends with Geneva Airport and its closest neighbours. In reality however this couldn’t be further from the truth, as every year sees millions of visitors flocking to the region having never left terra firma – arriving via the region’s numerous major railway stations. And the really good news is that the very best resort transfer providers in the business

Half Price Geneva Airport Transfers for Savvy Spenders

Are there ways and means to score cheap transfers from Geneva Airport into the French Alps? You better believe there are and the really good news is that none of them involve any kind of scheming or risks whatsoever! Like most travel services all over the world there are tons of ways to go about arranging airport transfers to Megeve, Les Arcs, Pardiski and so on, with most telling us that there are no right and wrong ways to go

How to Prevent Transfer Tantrums – Tips for Parents

It’s amazing how many families come home from their ski holidays each year and only have one negative section of the trip to speak of – that being the resort transfer. Of course, this isn’t anything to do with the quality or reliability of Geneva Airport transfers as a whole, but rather the way in which resort transfers tend to be the epicentre when it comes to tears and tantrums of kids that are just about getting sick of travelling

Group Ski Holidays – Airport Transfer Options

Each year, thousands of group travellers from the UK hit Geneva Airport on their way to the ski holidays and each year without fail, thousands also wonder what on Earth is the best idea for them in terms of getting from the airport to the end resorts. So, if among the masses still thinking about the best course of action to take this time around, consider the following guide the simplest and most concise on the four options available to

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